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Augusta District Newsletter, 7/24/17

August Events:

Aug. 3rd – 10am to Noon – training for District Committee on Ordained Ministry members, Greensboro First North Campus  (202 W Broad Street)

Aug. 3rd – 1pm to 3pm – training for new mentors for group candidacy, Greensboro First North Campus (202 W Broad Street)

Aug. 14th – 10am to Noon – Annual Set-Up Meeting for district pastors, Quest UMC (5001 Gateway Blvd, Grovetown, GA 30813)

Aug. 15th – District Committee on Ordained Ministry, for those seeking certification or seeking to be sent on for commissioning, Marvin UMC (4400 Wheeler Rd, Martinez, GA 30907), 9am – 4pm

Aug. 17-20 - School of Congregational Development - Atlanta, GA, Peachtree Road UMC. This is the premier event in The United Methodist Church for equipping clergy and laity to lead vital, dynamic, life-changing congregations. Sponsored by Discipleship Ministries, Global Ministries, and Path 1, this year’s event is being hosted by the North Georgia Conference, Candler School of Theology, and Gammon Seminary.


Sept. 10-11, District Retreat, Wesley UMC (825 N Belair Rd, Evans, GA 30809)

Sunday, 3-5pm

Monday, 9am-4pm

Dr. Anthony Headley, professor of Counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary, author of Family Crucible: The Influence of Family Dynamics in the Life and Ministry of John Wesley (Wipf and Stock, 2010), Getting It Right: Christian Perfection and Wesley’s Purposeful List (Emeth Press, 2013).

Theme - Sanctification and Healthy Leadership

We are seeking approval for .5 CEUs.

From the DS:

When I was a freshman at Asbury College, a local church gave out bookmarks which had two columns:  on one side was “Justification;” on the other, “The New Birth.”  In my childhood, I visited many churches that bore down hard on Justification – “Are you saved?  Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  If you died tonight, where would you end up?  Stand and sing, ‘Just as I Am…’”  But that is where they ended it – obtain your “Get out of Hell Free” card, and then wait until you die.  This bookmark taught the Biblical (and Wesleyan!) balance of our salvation.  I lost that bookmark years ago, but if I had to re-create it today, it would look like this:

Justification                                              The New Birth

Adoption                                                   Regeneration

Forgiveness                                               Born of the Spirit

Sin’s Guilt is gone;                                   Sin’s Power over us is broken;

No condemnation                                     No compulsion

God does this work for us                        God does this work in us

Restored to God’s Favor                           Restored to God’s Image

Name written in the Book of Life            Partaker in the Divine Nature

A Change in the mind of God                   A Change in my Soul

A Relative change in my standing;          A Real change in my nature;

From guilt to pardon,                                   from death to life,

from enemies to children                              from sinners to saints

Based on Christ Dying for us                     Based on Christ living in us

Cross                                                                Pentecost

A finished work                                             A work begun

John the Baptist said that Jesus is:           John the Baptist said that Jesus is:

“The Lamb of God who takes away            “The One who baptizes with fire

     The sins of the world”                                         and the Holy Spirit”

Christ’s Righteousness Imputed                   Christ’s Nature Imparted

Christ as Savior, giving His life for me        Christ as King, reigning over me

There are dozens of Biblical texts that teach these truths.  I found out later that these are enshrined in our doctrinal standards, in the sermons of John Wesley.  Here is one example:

“But though it be allowed, that justification and the new birth are, in point of time, inseparable from each other, yet are they easily distinguished, as being not the same, but things of a widely different nature. Justification implies only a relative, the new birth a real, change. God in justifying us does something for us; in begetting us again, he does the work in us. The former changes our outward relation to God, so that of enemies we become children; by the latter our inmost souls are changed, so that of sinners we become saints. The one restores us to the favour, the other to the image, of God. The one is the taking away the guilt, the other the taking away the power, of sin: So that, although they are joined together in point of time, yet are they of wholly distinct natures.” - The Great Priviledge of those that are Born of God

Every time I see our logo – the cross and the flame – I see Christ dying for us and the Spirit living in us.

 All of us should take to heart these words from Mr. Wesley:

“If we could once bring all our preachers, itinerant and local, uniformly and steadily to insist on those two points, ‘Christ dying for us’ and ‘Christ reigning in us,’ we should shake the trembling gates of hell” (“Letters to Charles Perronet” [Dec. 28, 1774]).

Are you saved?  And are you being transformed into the image of God's Son?

Yours for the Kingdom,


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"Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger."  Prov. 29:8




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