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Augusta District Newsletter, 2-2-17

1.  “Rethinking Practical Faith Sharing”

Sponsored by the World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Feb. 11th, North Augusta, SC – Grace UMC

9:30 AM – 3:30PM

Register at:

Cost - $35/person

CEUs - .5

Feb 6th deadline

2.  2018 Global Evangelism Summit, June 20-27, 2018

This event, backed by the WMEI, is slated for the Emory Conference Center Hotel. A few hundred delegates from around the world – many of our greatest leaders in evangelism - will be visiting our state.  Their goal will be to re-vision God’s means and methods for leading persons to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Rev. Dan Wilson is our district representative, helping to get this summit off the ground.  He will be contacting you about ways your churches can help.  Cell – 678 231 0873     Email –

One of the blessings of this event is that some of the best preachers/evangelists in the world will be in Georgia, and your church may be able to host some of them on a Sunday morning as guest preachers. 

3.  Mission Insite Training

Rev. Hyo Kim will be offering Mission Insite Training at the UMCenter on the following Dates:
Feb. 15 for New Users
March 15 for New Users
March 22 (for Hispanics)
April19 as a Refresher for People who are already familiar with Mission Insite

Contact Hyo at for details

4.  Opening Our Doors to Millenials, May 4-6, 2017

Veterans Memorial State Park, Cordele, GA

Sponsored by the South Georgia Conference

Register at

Clergy and Laity welcome; up to 3 CEUs available

5.  Update from Action Ministries

Thank you to all the church and community partners who supported Action Ministries Augusta in 2016.  Here are some of the numbers created by you all, our Partners in Action!

·  We had 2,268 volunteers who logged 5,085 hours!  That is incredible!

·  Over 62 community partners engaged.

·  Together we provided over 33,521 pounds of food!

·  The community contributed over 400K of in-kind donations and services.

Housing updates:  Total of 56 individuals housed in our Rapid Rehousing and Shelter Plus Care Program.   We are proud that over 92% of those housed are maintaining permanent stable housing! 

We would like to invite a member or two of your congregation to join the next meeting of the Interfaith Networking Group  This is an ecumenical group of community members that are interested in learning what other congregations are doing in missions.  We also discuss resources in the community, exchange ideas for best practices, support each other in each other’s mission and have wonderful discussions.  Please join us on Sunday, April 30th @ 3:00.  Email Danielle Meyer at or 706-699-0801 for location information and to RSVP. 

Danielle Meyer

Director of Housing Services

Action Ministries Housing

6.  From the DS – “Historic Churches”

Have you been to this website?

Here is an article explaining how Sonny Seals got this movement started:

Sonny calls and emails me all the time.  I attended a luncheon last month at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta.  At that meeting Sonny waxed euphoric about these great, old, historic buildings.  His enthusiasm knows no bounds!  He was positively evangelistic about forming communities who would take ownership of these sites and manage them for future generations.  I could almost hear “Just As I Am” playing for an altar call!  But during the Q&A time, he said this: I do not care if these buildings are used as restaurants or antique shops or community buildings, so long as they are preserved. 


I left that luncheon with a flame in my heart, but it was not an anointing to raise funds to preserve old shells of churches that are long gone.  No, God save us from making idols out of buildings.  Buildings and all the furnishings, fixtures, and equipment in them are nothing more than temporary tools we use as we seek to build the real Church of Jesus Christ. 

Friends, are your hearts with mine?  Let us preserve living faith in the rock, the Church’s one and only foundation, the living presence of Jesus Christ.  Ask yourself – is my faith rooted in Him?  Is He present in me now?  How can I build living, burning faith in the men, women, and children in my church and in my community?  If we do that, even if all our buildings burn to ash, we will lose nothing of significance.  I do not want “historic buildings;” I want to belong to the Everlasting Church.

 “Let goods and kindred go; this mortal life also!

   The body they may kill; God’s truth abideth still; His Kingdom is forever!”

Yours for the Kingdom,

Terry Fleming

Augusta District Superintendent

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Augusta, GA  30907

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"Mockers can get a whole town agitated, but the wise will calm anger."  Prov. 29:8







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