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January 30, 2017  (Lections for Feb. 12)

Matthew 5:21-37


     What is a person to make of the teachings found in Matthew 5:21-37?  Of each section, the first about reconciliation is the easiest – “if anyone has something against you…put down the offering plate and go...”  All the teachings to follow, those about court cases, lust, divorce, even promises, raise the bar higher and higher.


     How can anyone be saved?  Good question, but it is probably the wrong question.  “How could anyone be judgmental of another?” may be Jesus’ point.  God is not happy until we are pure, inside and out!  None of us rank higher than another.


     Until then (when we are pure), a “then” which may never come, we acknowledge how poor in spirit we are.  We hunger for things in us to change.  We beg for mercy.


     And while the high calling of Christ is mentioned, hold up for all to see, we make it clear to any and all – we are all in this together.


     Once a minister was preaching on marriage.  He stopped in his sermon and said, “There may be some of you out there who are going through divorce proceedings or have been divorced.  Put your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la-la.  I want to offer a challenge to those who are married.  You might feel judged by the words I have to say.  Plug your ears because God loves you and is willing to wipe the slate clean for you.  I want you to hear nothing contrary to that message and my challenge might be heard otherwise.”


     How merciful.  How gracious.  How potentially transforming!


Gary Whetstone



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