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March 20, 2017

John 11:1-45


     According to Dr. Fred Craddock and other scholars, the raising of Lazarus is the Gospel of John’s Gethsemane.  I.e., it is when Jesus decided to accept the cross.


     Jesus deliberately delays a visit to Bethany.  He does not heal the sick here, he raises someone from the dead.  And, according to verse 46, some witnesses report what happened to the Sanhedrin and that put crucifixion plans in motion.


     Thus, the tears of Jesus in verses 35 and 38 are not out of love for Lazarus (he knew what was about to happen), it was his acceptance of the “cup” so that “God’s Son may be glorified,” vs. 4.


     Whether here or in Gethsemane (a scene that does not appear in John’s narrative), Jesus said yes to God, yes to Love.  Tears do not flow easily for me – a guy thing, I guess.  But if they did, they would be tears of gratitude.  Jesus said Yes.


Gary L. Whetstone


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