Just Thinking... Answers to Prayers

Dana Everhart


God answers the prayers of a sinful person. Even when we fail God, God is faithful to us. The sin of despair, anger, self-pity, and negitivity had taken hold of me pretty good. Yes, I still prayed, reading my Upper Room and Jesus Calling with Dale Smith each day. I also read the scriptures of the Moravian Daily Text and prayed through my prayer beads, but it all felt empty. Still I prayed for God's intervention in my life and ministry as I faced this sixth year as a DS.  I stumbled across a ...

Just Thinking.... about Family

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking ... I want to thank each of you for the prayers offered up on my behalf when I shared that I had to travel to Florida for an emergancy family issue. Knowing that you were back here praying for me meant the world to me, and it helped me get through a most difficult time.  Many of you know that I was adopted at birth and raised in a home where abuse, both physical and verbal, were the norm. I had been told from my earliest memories that I was adopted and that I had not been wanted ...

Just Thinking .... Starting Another Year Together

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking  ... On June 16th, I began my sixth year as your Superintendent. I remember the joy and excitement I had as I started. I remember the holy moment of being installed as your Superintendent at Oak Grove UMC. I remember that first week, wondering, "What do I do now?" I remember the first email and the first phone call, and so it began. Now after 46 moves, 5 Set-Up meetings, 6 District Conferences, untold dCOM meetings, and the welcoming of Global Ministries and the United Methodist ...

Just Thinking... Rainy Days and Mondays

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking  -  Rainy Days & Mondays I grew up in era when the music was not always easy to understand or even simply to feel. I know I am old, because I have become like my parents as they said my music was too loud and that they could not understand it; this is now how I respond to the music of the younger generation. I'm no rapper, no hip hopper, and no fan of heavy metal. (Is that even still a type of music?) Yes, I'm a Carpenter's kind of man.  In the 70s Karen and Richard Carpenter ...

Just Thinking.... A Season of Slience and Prayer

Dana Everhart


JUST THINKING ... A Season of Silence and Prayer   Some of you have been blessed to serve as delegates to General Conference, and we in North Georgia thank you for your service and your willingness to work for the future of the Church of Jesus Christ and our United Methodist family. We prayed for you and for your discernment in all matters that came before the body and for those that stayed in the back rooms and hallways.    Most of us, though, remained in the Atlanta / North Georgia area ...

Just Thinking... Hope

Dana Everhart


JUST THINKING ... Hope In these days of conferencing where many voices are being heard and many hearts are being lifted up, I believe we need a word of hope. Why hope, because as Emily Dickenson pens, hope never stops. 'Hope' is the thing with feathers- That perches in the soul- And sings the tune without the words- And never stops-at all- And sweetest-in the Gale-is heard- And sore must be the storm- That could abash the little Bird That kept so many warm- I've heard it in the chillest land- ...

Just Thinking... " After the Loving"

Dana Everhart


JUST THINKING ... "After the  Loving..." It all started in February with a couple of days here and in March with a few days there. April saw days that blurred into weeks, and now we are finally complete here in May. Yes, the Cabinet has been meeting and working, praying and seeking, fussing and loving with one another.  I will share with you that I love and I admire each member of the Cabinet here in North Georgia. We have become a tight-knit family as we bond over the years with one another....

Just Thinking.... Dateline: Portugal

Dana Everhart


Bishop Watson asked David Naglee and me to represent him at  the 145th Synod of the Methodist Church in Portugal last week, April 21-24. This was a trip that full of incidents and full of blessings.  Before I knew of this trip, I had planned for some outpatient surgery at Emory Dermatology. The surgery was pretty invasive (if you ask me ... it is my face, after all) and required stitches with the biggest bandage I have ever seen. I felt like Quasimodo. From the surgery I went to meet David and ...

Assistant Pastor-Sugar Hill UMC


Sugar Hill UMC (Sugar Hill, GA) is looking to fill the position of Assistant Pastor. This person will provide full-time leadership and support to lay ministry representatives for Life Groups, mission areas, and aid in creating a discipleship ministry. The Assistant Pastor is responsible for supervision and direction of the following areas: Adult Sunday School, Life Groups, Local and International Mission, Supervision of Outreach and Recreation Director, Director of Youth, Director of Children, ...

Just Thinking ...  "Have you heard who's going to ...."

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking ...  "Have you heard who's going to ...." "I Heard It Through The Clergy Grapevine" I bet you're wonderin' how I knew 'Bout your plans to make me blue With some other church you hoped before Between the two of us places You know I loved you more It took me by surprise I must say When I found out yesterday Don't you know that I heard it through the clergy grapevine Not much longer would you be mine Oh, I heard it through the clergy grapevine Oh, I'm just about to lose my mind ...

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