Just Thinking... A Prophetic Word, Maybe?

Dana Everhart


Please, can we not stop the hate?!? I am so weary of our presidential campaigning and the attitude of so many of those who call themselves "Christians,"  Where in scripture are we suppose to hate our enemies? Where does Jesus say, "It's okay to throw mud and to slander one another in the name of democracy?" I am not writing today to espouse one candidate over the other; that is not my place as each of us have convictions that we must hear and adhere to as we prepare to elect the leader of the...

Just Thinking... Continuing on the Lenten Journey

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking ...   How is your Lenten journey progressing? Are you still giving up what you gave up? Are you stilling keeping on with what you took on? Are you looking at yourself and your spiritual life daily? Anyone fasting?  Lent is a time that shares with us a variety of spiritual disciplines to draw us closer to the Cross of Christ. Maybe that is why we don't work really hard at keeping the journey alive and fresh; we don't want to arrive at the Cross. We would rather arrive at Easter, ...

Just Thinking... It's That Time of Year

Dana Everhart


It's the most wonderful time of the year With the SPRC not telling And everyone asking you "What do you hear?" It's the most wonderful time of the year It's the anx- anxious season of all With those "where are you going" greetings and happy cabinet meetings When gossip starts to fall It's the anx - anxious season of all And thus, it begins. Yes, on March 1st the Cabinet will begin our first cloister for prayer and discernment regarding the 2016/2017 Appointments for North Georgia. We will be ...

And Are We Yet Alive?

David Naglee


And Are We yet Alive?  “Leaving Bristol after preaching at five, in the evening I preached at Stroud; where, to my surprise, I found the morning preaching was given up, as also in the neighboring places.  If this be the case while I am alive, what must it be when I am gone?  Give up this, and Methodism too will degenerate into a mere sect, only distinguished by some opinions and modes of worship.” John Wesley Journal- March 15, 1784   Wesley was distressed when the opportunities to share the ...

Just Thinking... What Is Good Worship?

Dana Everhart


Allow me to bring us back to the topic of "What is good worship?"  I am enjoying my Doctoral studies this semester as we look at the models of worship, their history, and their current makeup. I am the most blessed in our DMin Cohort, because I am privileged to move from church to church each Sunday, to see a variety of worship models, and to "experience" the time of worship with many different people of God.  I have seen each model that Dr. Philips has taught us in these past few weeks. I ...

Just Thinking... and Celebrating Black History Month

Dana Everhart


February is Black History Month, and I hope you will take the time to reflect on the power and influence of our black sisters and brothers which they have imparted to us as a nation but also to us as The United Methodist Church.  Do you recognize the names of Henry McNeil Turner, Lucius Holsey, or Donald Hollowell? Bishops, pastors, and attorneys that help Methodism in the state of Georiga to bloom and grow, but in their early days, they were simply men who had a passion for Christ and His ...

Just Thinking... about Mental Health Month

Dana Everhart


I have enough trouble keeping up with my wedding anniversary that I cannot not remember other dates like Mental Health Month. Forgive me if I am bringing the topic up early, but my spirit is guiding me to share my thoughts on mental health. Yes, we all need good mental health. It is far easier to state that than it is to achieve a healthy mind and spirit. I realize that, as a pastor, I cannot heal myself, because for one I don't have the advanced training that a mind like mine needs. Secondly, ...

Just Thinking... The Power of Prayer for General Conference

Dana Everhart


Love/Unity - Lord, I lift up our love for one another as a body. Help us purify ourselves by obeying the truth so that our love for each other will be sincere, deep and from the heart. May our love for one another prove that we are Your disciples. Give us a spirit of unity so that we may glorify You with one heart and voice. Help us accept one another as we clothe ourselves in love. [1 Pet. 1:22; Jn. 13:34-35; Ro. 15:5-7; Col. 3:14] (from Life Giving Prayers for Your Church) Prayer is as ...

Just Thinking... and Asking "What is Good Worship?"

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking ... This week Dr. Ed Phillips asked my DMin cohort to consider a question for discussion. He asked us, "What is good worship?" Well, that truly is a loaded question. In a day where worship wars abound and where everyone has an opinion about what good worship looks and sounds like, the question is as subjective as questions get at first look. I attempted to answer the question within the 500-word limit, but even now I struggle with my response, because worship requires more than ...

Just Thinking... New Beginnings and New Attitudes

Dana Everhart


I had a fantastic week! I was kind of dreading it, if I am to be honest with you. After all I had not been in a true classroom setting with the likes of a professor such as Luther Smith in over 30 years. There were three books to read and two papers to write before December 31,  2015. There were lectures from 9 to 5 each day and  four papers to write, one a night. Plus a meeting with my project advisor to hear yes or no.  One lesson learned was that if God has opened this door, then there is ...

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