Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… As I rode into work I was stopped at a traffic light beside a Cobb County school bus.  I noticed the camera mounted on its’ side and thought to myself “How sad!”  Sad that we live in a day and time that requires we have security cameras inside and outside of school buses.  Inside and outside of the transportation vehicles that transport our children to and from school. Security has become big business in this world that is haunted by fear at every turn.  One could say that the ...

'Position is Everything'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Someone once said, “You can never see the sunrise by looking west.”  I happen to like that kind of profoundness.  How we position ourselves does make a difference.  Haven’t we all known people (and maybe at times been the person) who were excellent reservoirs of learning yet never had an idea?  As J. Oswald Chambers once wrote, “Eyes that look are common.  Eyes that see are rare.” Our position in life does impact what we experience in life.  To resist or receive is a choice we ...

Just Thinking... More Changes Ahead

Dana Everhart


Have you heard the good news?!? Well, it is good and bad news, and I can't ask you which you want first, because I can't hear your response. Since we are people of the Good News, I will start there. Our faithful and loyal Administrative Assistant, Teresa Lilja, has been asked by Bishop Sue and Dr. Richard Winn to become a Full-Time Local Pastor as of this Annual Conference. Teresa has been approved by the Board of Ministry to move from being a Part-Time Local Pastor to the Full-Time status. On ...

'Mean Mom'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I have said it in many places but not yet in “Third Day Thoughts”…I was raised by the meanest mother in the world.  My mother expected me to do my chores which consisted of dusting, vacuuming, sweeping half of our basement (my sister did the other half) and mowing the lawn (we called it ‘cutting the grass’).  My mom expected me to do my homework.  She expected me to make up my bed.  As I grew older she expected me to communicate my ‘whereabouts’ and to be home by a set curfew. ...

Just Thinking... A Problem-free Life?

Dana Everhart


Sarah Young in her devotional, Jesus Calling. has penned the words, "Do not long for the absence of problems in your life." Well, that is a great platitude, but is it realistic to think that as humans our seeking a problem-free life is wrong? Ms. Young, using the voice of Jesus, states that "this is an unrealistic goal since in this world you will have trouble."  Well, there is no fear of us having a problem-free life, is there? We've got health insurance that may or may not support us in ...

‘Joyful Noise’

Terry Walton


I was Thinking… “Can’t carry a tune in a bucket!”  “Monotone!”  “Flatter than a flitter!”  “Tone deaf”.  All are descriptions of a person who doesn’t have the gift of singing. For Sharon’s birthday I gave her tickets to the recent ‘Billy Joel’ concert at our new SunTrust Park.  It was a wonderful evening with friends.  I was amazed at the crowd and their ability to know the songs of Billy Joel.  For example, in the seat just behind us was a lady who seemed to know every word of every song ...

'Walking Together'

Terry Walton


‘Walking Together’ I was Thinking… Experiencing life together is important.  When friends and family walk through life together there is a bonding that takes place unlike any other.  This past week was a reminder of this for me.  With the death of my ‘Down Syndrome’ sister-in-love, Jeanne, I was reminded of the power of walking together through life.  It had been a very hard three weeks for the entire family while Jeanne’s life hung in the balance.  When she breathed her last breath this past ...

Just Thinking... Another Birthday!

Dana Everhart


William Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, John Cena, George Lopez, Matthew Underwood, and a host of others share the date of April 23rd with me. Yes, in 1960 in a land far away called Florida, I was born 57 years ago. I stand in a line of pretty famous people. I am older then some and much younger than others.  Fifty-seven years! My children have lovingly announced that I am only 3 years away from 60! Yes, I, too, wonder at times why we don't eat our young! I'm just thinking, but it was only ...

‘Conspiracy of Niceness’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… My younger brother taught me a phrase several years ago as I was complaining about this and that.  He said “Do you want some cheese with that ‘whine’?”  I’ve not forgot it.  There are moments when all of us can lose focus and when we do the path often taken is the path of whining and complaining. In her book ‘The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21st Century’ Joan Chittister writes “Complaining and complacency are the two evils that community life most abhors and can ...

Just Thinking... of Newness and Alleluias

Dana Everhart


The singer/song writer Maureen McGovern could have been a pastor. She penned the words that every pastor thinks about in her song The Morning After: There's got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let's keep on looking for the light Oh, can't you see the morning after? It's waiting right outside the storm Why don't we cross the bridge together And find a place that's safe and warm? It's not too late, we should be giving Only with ...

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