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                                                         Rise Up!

        I write this just before the kick off for the Super Bowl.  As a fan of the Falcons since their inception in Atlanta, I look to this year’s game with much anticipation and excitement.  It has been fun to see the enthusiasm of the Atlanta fans as the game has gotten closer.  It is good to have moments in life that serve as a diversion from the realities of life that distract us on a day-to-day basis.

            The call to “rise up” and support this team has become a familiar refrain.  Falcon fans hear these words and rally around the team encouraging them to be the best they can be.  This rally cry has brought them to pinnacle of professional football.

             The call to rise up is also a rally cry that would have meaning for the followers of Christ.  If the church would rally around each other, we would see the church elevated to the place God has called it to be in this world.  In places where darkness seems to be winning, the church is called upon to rise up.  In lives that see nothing but despair, the people of God are called upon to rise up and carry the light of Christ to offer hope.

            In a few hours we will know the outcome of the Super Bowl.  I certainly hope the Falcons will come home to Atlanta as Super Bowl Champions.  Regardless of the outcome of the game, we Christians already know something about how things will turn out.  Christ will win.  We know this because Christ has already risen up!  Christ has overcome every obstacle and has ended up the winner!

            I pray that we, as the church, will rise up and proclaim we are on the winning side every  time! 

 Blessings, Richard


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