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"New Year and New Beginnings”

Many times conversation is shared concerning the beginning of a new year as the opportunity for a new beginning.  Often this conversation includes resolutions and “good intentions” about how life is going to be better in the coming year.  Sadly, after a few weeks, these resolutions and “good intentions” are forgotten and things return to the same as they have always have been.

Maybe we should begin to think about “new beginnings” in a different way.  What if we think about this theologically?  The beginning of the new year might be the perfect time to start looking at our personal lives and the life of the church from a theological perspective.  I would submit to you that the only way “new beginnings” are truly possible is to look at them from this perspective.

God is the creator and instigator of making things new.  Through the gift of his son Jesus, God has given us the prime example of grace.  Grace takes us as we are and accepts us, and loves us and gives us the opportunity to start anew.  It is grace that transforms us.  It is grace that heals us.  It is grace that sustains us.

Grace is free, but it is not cheap.  Grace has to be received and acknowledged.  We just celebrated a season of giving and receiving gifts.  Perhaps, if we celebrated life by giving and receiving grace, we would be able to experience a newness that is eternal rather than something that is short lived and easily forgotten.

Here we are at the beginning of 2017.  How are we going to see newness and change in our lives?  Will it be by looking at our lives through our eyes or will it be by seeking God’s perspective on our lives and the life of the church? I am afraid if we choose our own path we will experience more frustration and failure.  If we choose to seek God, then something new is truly possible.

I look forward to taking this theological journey with you by focusing on the one who reminded us, “behold, I make all things new”.

                                                           Blessings, Richard



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