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     I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the wonderful stories of the Easter services across the district this year. It is clear that the risen Christ was proclaimed in exciting and magnificent ways in our churches. What a joy to know that so many were present and engaged in worship of our Lord and Savior and the various accounts of those worship services were told and retold throughout the rest of Easter Sunday and the weeks that followed.

     Telling the story is our mission and our task. We tell our story and how we relate and experience Christ in our church and in our lives. We also tell the story of faith, hope, and joy which the story of Jesus brings to life. If we are faithful and focused, Jesus’ story becomes our story. The story of Jesus, our story, needs to be shared in every season not just in the days and weeks after Easter.

     I have found that people love to hear a good story. Are we adequately sharing the story? Are we invested enough in our story that we feel the need to share? It is clear to me that there are many who want to hear a good story. There is certainly enough negativity being shared. Why not share something positive and real?

     I want to challenge you to continue to tell the story of Easter. Remember the excitement you experienced in your church on Easter and your willingness to tell family and friends about the wonderful worship experience you had on Easter and then let that joy in sharing continue three hundred sixty-five days a year.

     The refrain from the hymn, I Love to Tell The Story, I love to tell the story, ‘twill be my theme in glory, to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love, sums up what I am trying to say better than I would ever be able to. Tell the story. Jesus has risen and lives for you and me. Tell your story. Our story comes to life with the risen Christ! So, tell your story. You will be surprised how eager folks are to hear it!     

                                                                       Blessings, Richard


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