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“Praying For Revival!”

            As I watch the news and hear about the state of our country and our church, it is hard for me to comprehend the level of evil that has become a part of our everyday existence.   This “evil” that I am referring to is real, no matter what “side” that is represented.  All “sides” have their share of opinions and actions that are just wrong by any standard of decent and moral society.  The 24 hour news cycle seems to keep this “evil” in the forefront and we allow it to permeate our thoughts and our actions.

            As people of faith, we should understand and know that the only way that we overcome evil is with good.  We follow a risen Savior that faced evil his whole life and never once tried to defeat those who worked against him with evil, only with love and compassion.  We must remember the one we follow never failed to love.

            We need a reminder of what is “good”.  We need the Holy Spirit to touch our heart and to remind the church why God has ordained it to be the church.  We need a movement of the Holy Spirit that will bring renewal and hope.  We need a movement of the Holy Spirit that will change the way we look at each other and the world.  We need revival.

            Revival across our land will mean that we will always begin and end with love.  It means that we will often “agree to disagree” but we will walk away from each other always affirming our love for each other.  Revival means that we will not look to our own desires and beliefs as the beginning and the end, but have the strength to look at how the Spirit might need to change us.  Revival will mean that we all will have to admit we are sick and need of healing.  Revival will mean that we will get out of the way and allow God to do only what God can do. 

            I hope that you will join me in praying for Revival.  Pray first for revival in your own heart and spirit.  Then pray for revival in your family, church, and those who are a part of your circle of friends and acquaintances.  Finally, pray for revival throughout the church universal, the nation, and the world. 

              I believe, without a doubt, love will win, but it will take a revival.  Oh Lord, may it be so!

                                                                   Blessings, Richard


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