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                                                   An Easter Challenge

            I want to present you with an Easter challenge.  As we move toward Easter, I want to challenge you to invite family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to experience not only Easter, but to experience all the events leading up to Easter Sunday.

            One of the joys of going on a trip is the anticipation.  The excitement of all that the things and experiences the journey will hold.  The opportunity to see things we have never seen, have feelings we have never had, and build relationships we have never had the opportunity to build.  Just as a trip to a particular destination is a journey, so are the experiences that make up our faith journey.  We don’t just arrive at Easter.  There are events that lead up to Easter that make it special.

            I hope that you are inviting folks to worship with you every Sunday, but I especially challenge you to invite them to some very special events that will be happening prior to Easter Sunday.  Perhaps your church is having an Easter Cantata or some other special choir performance, this will be a great opportunity to invite the community to experience the Easter journey in a non-intimidating way.

            There is always the temptation to rush to Easter without spending anytime with the events leading up to Good Friday.  To help us focus on what Christ did for us, plan on attending Holy Week Services, and especially the Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday service, either at your church or another church that is having these powerful, meaningful and moving services.  For me, and for many others, Maundy Thursday is the service that so often shakes us to the core of our very being.  It stands to remind us in very stark and vivid ways how much Jesus loves us, and what he was willing to endure so that we might be saved from our sins.  Everyone one needs to know and experience the message this service shares.  This very special service sets the stage for Easter and makes the celebration so much sweeter.

            All of us need to be reminded of the journey to Easter.  For those who have never heard or for whatever reason strayed from the journey, now is the time for us to invite them to journey with us.  These opportunities for worship will plant seeds in all of us that the Holy Spirit will continue to feed and foster.  The message of the cross and the resurrection is our story.  I challenge you to invite everyone to share in our story.  Be thinking about who you are going to invite and invite them to journey with you beginning next Sunday and all the upcoming events in the weeks to come.  It will make Easter an even greater celebration!

                                                                       Blessings, Richard


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