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Reflections On Three Days With Our Bishop

Other than sitting around the Cabinet table, I have never had the opportunity to spend three days with my Bishop.  I have now had that opportunity.  Not only did I spend three days with her, I spent the majority of time with her in my car.  We both had a captive audience.

What I found in our time together was a Bishop that was open and real.  She shared her heart for the Church with me, celebrated the wonderful work God is doing through the clergy and laity of the Gainesville District, and grieved with me the areas where we are falling short in building the Kingdom.

She listened to me and made me feel comfortable in sharing my heart and image of the church.  She encouraged me to be innovative and bold in thinking about ministry opportunities in the district.  She was gracious in areas where my understanding of faith and the church might be different than hers.

In the time we weren’t in the car, I watched he interact with her audiences.  In the lay and clergy gatherings, we saw her candid spirit and humor.  She was more than willing to laugh at herself and not take herself overly seriously.  At the same time, it was clear that she understands the critical nature of her leadership.

I watched her interact on a one on one basis with various folks.  She was engaged, interested, and compassionate.  Several times we had places we needed to be and I had to be the one who hurried the conversation along.  She seemed to have all the time in the world.

Finally, I got the sense that she covets your prayers.  To lead the church in these times whether you are a lay leader, clergy leader, district superintendent, or the bishop, the task is impossible alone.  The power of collective prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential to our work.  Please join me in lifting her and her family up in prayer on a daily basis.

I have to admit of having a sense of anxiousness and wonder if I was going to survive three days with the Bishop. I not only survived, I was blessed.  I want to thank Bishop Sue for the experience and thank you for welcoming her and blessing me with your graciousness toward her.  It was a wonderful reminder we are all in this together!

                                                                       Blessings, Richard


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