Reports Due


Charge Conference Reports

Charge Conferences begin on October 2 and end on November 20.  They will be held in Connection Groups.  All forms need to be completed, signed and ready to be turned in to the DS at the beginning of the conference. Below are a number of documents that are related to Charge Conferences:

     Charge Conference Schedule

     Charge Conference Instructions

     Charge Conference Checklist

     Accessibility Audit 

Most of the Charge Conference reports must be submitted online through Data Services.  If you are new to completing Charge Conference forms, we suggest you attend the Charge Conference Workshop at the District Office on September 8 at 7pm.  This is open to clergy and laity.  Please call the District Office to make a reservation.


Clergy Evaluation Forms

Clergy Evaluation forms are due in the District Office no later than September 23, 2016.  Pastors and SPR Committees should be meeting now to discuss and complete these forms so they can be submitted by the deadline.  Forms will be distributed at the Set Up Meeting on August 6 or can be printed here.  There is no online version of the form this year.

     Evaluation form for ministers in their first year of a new appointment

     Evaluation form for returning pastors

The DS will begin meeting with all clergy individually in October and early November for DS evaluations.  Schedules for these appointments were distributed at the Set Up Meeting.


Vital Congregation Goals

Each church should update their 4-year goals to include 2020 prior to Charge Conference.  This can be done online at A copy will need to be submitted with other Charge Conference reports.


 Vital Signs Dashboard

This weekly, online report went into effect March 25, 2012.  An email is sent each Monday morning to the pastor (or to the person the pastor designates) with a link to a form asking for the following information for the previous week:  worship attendance, professions of faith, baptisms, persons involved in small groups, persons involved in missions, number of persons served by your congregation, money given to benevolent and charitable ministries, and total offerings.  ALL CHURCHES are required to submit this information each week.  For questions, contact the District Office.






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