Resources and Links

  • Plenary:  Gender Justice.  A presentation used to discuss annual conference COSROW committee responsibilites, cultural sexism and proactive, gentle methods for seeking liberation.
  • Favorite Women's Websites. Six great websites for keeping up-to-date on issues and solutions for improving women's lives in the world. 
  • Plenary: Action Planning. Presentation full of ideas and possible events or actions to help annual conference COSROW committees create tangible action plans.
  • Action ideas.  Ideas for programs or working foci for annual conference COSROW groups.
  • Worship program. A copy of a worship service that you can use as a resource in your own planning.
  • Plenary: Who is Missing? A presentation (viewable online) about how to expand the diversity of voices present on your committee.
  • Action ideas calendar.  Ideas and suggestions for annual conference COSROW programs, events and initiatives.
  • Annual conference info form.  A form with guiding questions that will help your COSROW committee as you plan and execute actions and events.