Retreats for Teenagers

The North Georgia Conference plans and leads retreats for teenagers throughout the year. The remarkable thing about these retreats is that they are an excellent opportunity for you, the leaders of your ministry, to focus on the relationships with your youth and leave the setup, administration, the planning - the basic "mechanics" of the retreat - to us. We use excellent speakers and leaders and have experience in planning and carrying out spiritually focused retreats. Each retreat has a special focus or theme and is planned with the priority of providing an environment for spiritual growth and a "working of the soil" in which the seeds of faith have been planted.

Take a look at the list of retreats and start making plans today for you and your youth to join us:

Rooted Retreat - (Choice of two weekends: Fall) - a retreat focusing on the things that help our faith grow deep. Different than the Spiritual Life Retreat in the Spring, this one helps youth groups look even more at how they can be an integral part of nurturing the seeds of faith that are planted in the lives of teenagers.

Confirmation Fall Retreat - (Fall) - focuses on building unity in your confirmation class and helping your confirmation students recognize how God has already been involved in their lives - even before they knew it. We help youth share their faith story and introduce them to the concept of prevenient grace.

Confirmation Spring Retreat - (March 3-5, 2017) - focuses on the five vows United Methodists make when agreeing to follow Christ - prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We also help the youth understand United Methodist polity - what it means to be a United Methodist, to be in a district and a conference, and how being a "connectional church" is a blessing.

Spiritual Life Retreats - (March 10-12, March 17-19, and March 24-26, 2017) - your choice of three weekends (the same retreat each weekend) with a guest speaker and band that leads worship as well as small groups to dig deeper in the message and understand how God is providing support and direction in the spiritual journey. Each year we have a different "theme" that directs these worship and small group times.

Youth Delegates to Annual Conference - (Summer) - Youth who are selected by their district as lay at-large delegates to Annual Conference (in Athens, GA) can participate in this delegation. We stay at the local Holiday Inn Express and spend each day on the floor as full voting delegates to Annual Conference. In the evenings there is worship and activities. It's a busy week of being connected. (Youth can only register for this event if chosen to be a delegate. Youth should contact their church or district office to find out more about being chosen to serve on the delegation.)

Youth Summer Mission Trip to The Bahamas - Each year we plan at least two week-long trips for teenagers to experience service and missions in The Bahamas through an organization called Bahamas Methodist Habitat. It's an excellent and safe way to experience international missions, bringing teenagers into contact with a beautiful culture and helping them love our Caribbean neighbors.