Rooted Retreat


The Rooted Retreat is a retreat that specifically focuses on the kinds of things that help faith become rooted deep into the nourishment it needs to thrive. Jesus told a parable about a sower who planted seeds. Some of the seeds fell on rocky soil. When the rains came it quickly started growing, but since there was no fertile soil for the roots to grow the new plants quickly withered and died. Some retreats are like those seeds planted in rocky soil. They are great on the excitement and the emotion of a new faith, but after the retreat is over and there's nothing to sink roots into, that faith soon withers and is no more. 

At The Rooted Retreat youth will build relationships with the church community that brings them, helping them have a strong connection with caring peers and adults; youth will recognize the power and support of scripture and worship, giving them nourishment and a source of guidance that will last into their adulthood; and they will experience new avenues of prayer, devotion, and spiritual living that will feed the growth of their faith.

When you reserve a place for your youth group at The Rooted Retreat you will be given additional options of signing up for Glisson's excellent Low Elements Course and the Zip Line. (The Waterfront is included in this year's cost.). The space is limited for these additional activities, and there is an added fee for each, but the basic activities we have planned for Saturday will be great for your group at no additional cost.

This year's Rooted Retreat is scheduled for two weekends at Glisson: October 6-8 and October 13-15. The theme for each weekend is Everything. 

"Every thought. Every dream. Every fear. Every second. What's at the end of your "every?" God is calling us to a life with God where nothing is hidden, where we give it all to God, and and where we surrender everything.

Register your group now to receive a $20 early bird discount per person. This discount is good until the end of July. After that the cost will go up to $155. That mean payment must be received by the end of July for this discount.

There is a limited amount of space for each weekend, so register now:

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