Blog Posts RSS Blog Posts RSS en-us 3/24/2017 1:56:03 PM Just Thinking... Sharing the Story John 4:5-42. WOW, that is long reading! There is so much in this passage to preach and to teach from... 3/20/2017 ‘It’s Our Turn’ I Was Thinking… It’s our turn.  Bishop Sue is working her way around the conference setting aside ... 3/14/2017 Just Thinking... Just Thinking ...  Wow, I realized that I am one of those people. Well, I know I was one of those ... 3/13/2017 ‘Growing Up’ I was Thinking… I am the proud owner of my maternal grandfather’s (Pappy) 1954 pick-up truck.  It ... 3/7/2017 Just Thinking... Journeying through Lent Just Thinking ...  Ash Wednesday and the First Sunday in Lent have come and gone. Time is moving ... 3/6/2017 Change First I Was Thinking… Several years ago Sharon and I had the opportunity to travel to London, England.  ... 2/21/2017 Just Thinking... Ending Strong I'm hoping to end strong.  There is so much happening, and so many things to accomplish. My heart ... 2/20/2017 ‘Spectacular’ I Was Thinking… So how was your Monday?  Mine was spectacular.  Not to brag but I spent the morning... 2/14/2017 Just Thinking...Reflections from the Holy Land Just Thinking ...  The Holy Land is full of emotions for me. I was here 19 years ago with Bishop ... 2/13/2017 Agony of Defeat Agony of Defeat I Was Thinking… Why am I so depressed over a football game?  I remember the theme ... 2/7/2017 Rise Up!   I Was Thinking…   Who’d a thunk it?  That’s a phrase I’ve heard throughout my life.  I know it is ... 1/31/2017 Just Thinking... So Many Things...   Just Thinking... My brain is overrun with an assortment of thoughts today. I think I must have ... 1/30/2017 Just Thinking... Towards a Dimly-lit Future As I write this I am looking out my hotel window at Epworth By The Sea. We have completed three days... 1/23/2017 Our Worst Storms Our Worst Storms I Was Thinking… What is the worst storm you’ve ever experienced?  Some have been ... 1/23/2017 "Peace On Earth" “Peace on Earth”   I Was Thinking…   What is the difference between a “peace-maker” and a “... 1/17/2017 Just Thinking... Living into a Dream The Cabinet, along with the Committee on Religion and Race and the Board of Ordained Ministry, ... 1/16/2017 ‘A Billy Sook’ ‘A Billy Sook’ I Was Thinking… With the twelve days of Christmas just completed I find myself ... 1/10/2017 Just Thinking... Change They have said that the only one who likes change is a wet baby, but I disagree. While change may be... 1/9/2017 "Slow Down and Pay Attention" “Slow Down and Pay Attention” I Was Thinking… K-Mart Department Stores used to have the ‘blue ... 1/3/2017 Just Thinking... Gifts from the Wise Ones Just Thinking ...  Well, the Christ Child has come once again, and our lives were touched and will ... 1/2/2017 “Only One Question” “Only One Question” I Was Thinking… I picked up a book not too long ago by Alexandra Horowitz ... 12/20/2016 “Wasted Gifts” “Wasted Gifts” I Was Thinking… NBC News reported that over $1 Billion dollars of gift cards were ... 12/13/2016 “More alike than unalike.” I Was Thinking… During this Advent Season I share with you one of my favorite modern poems by Maya ... 12/6/2016 "Quotes and Sound-bites" “Quotes and Sound-bites” I Was Thinking… There have been a few things I’ve read or heard lately that... 11/29/2016 Just Thinking... And Being Thankful Yes, I'm thinking about how thankful I am to God for all God's goodness to me.  As is my tradition ... 11/21/2016 "Be Kind"   I Was Thinking… Abraham Heschel once wrote, “When I was young I admired clever people.  Now that ... 11/15/2016 Just Thinking... And Reflecting after the Election I thought you might like to see a letter from Bishop Ough, President of the Council of Bishops, to ... 11/14/2016 Right Place at the Right Time I Was Thinking… Does the name Steve Bartman mean anything to you?  If you are a baseball fan then ... 11/8/2016 Just Thinking ... About God's Generosity When I think back over my life, I am blessed to see the hands of God showering me with the ... 11/7/2016 The Grass is Greener The Grass is Greener I Was Thinking… “We live in a competitive society that focuses on making it.  ... 11/1/2016 Just Thinking... and Casting a Vote Just Thinking ...   I voted! Yes, I left work on Wednesday a little bit early and made my way into ... 10/31/2016 Kitchen Table Conversations I Was Thinking… I was reared in a United Methodist Local Pastor’s home.  My youngest memory is of ... 10/25/2016 Just Thinking... Crying over Spilt Milk? Just Thinking ...   There is an old saying, "Don't cry over spilt milk."  The saying is an age-old ... 10/24/2016 Challenges Like This I Was Thinking… The iconic legend Arnold Palmer died recently and for many there has been grief over... 10/18/2016 Just Thinking... Outreach and Teach? It is almost Halloween. I am reading that many of our churches are planning outreach to the ... 10/17/2016 What Would Happen There I sat in our family room glued to the television watching another Presidential Debate. All of ... 10/11/2016 Just Thinking... The New Look of Ministry I was privileged to attend the Board of Ordained Ministry Quadrennial Training in Chicago this past ... 10/10/2016 Just Thinking... about Room at the Table Just Thinking ...   Recently one of the great United Methodist theologians, Dr. Ted Campbell, spoke ... 9/19/2016 Just Thinking... Continuing to Learn   Just Thinking ...   We never stop learning, and, if we do, it means we are dead. I have heard ... 9/12/2016 A Serious Call In his Plain Account of Christian Perfection, John Wesley wrote that early in his Oxford years as a ... 9/8/2016 Just Thinking... About Our Labor So you just came through another low Sunday in worship. Don't be discouraged or downcast. Don't let ... 9/5/2016 Just Thinking... Life Verses There was a period of time, not to long ago, that everyone was discovering their "life verses" from ... 8/29/2016 Just Thinking... Big Hearts Just Thinking ... "A man with a big heart!" I heard this phrase over and over from those who came... 8/22/2016 Just Thinking... about Sharing Just Thinking ... The third part of our Vision statement as a district lifts up the aspect of ... 8/15/2016 Just Thinking... A "Can't Miss" Invitation You are cordially invited to attend the  Service of Installation  for Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson on ... 8/1/2016 Just Thinking... about Excellence in Worship Just Thinking ... Worship is still one of the chief portals for guests to enter the faith ... 8/1/2016 Just Thinking... Exciting Days Ahead Just Thinking ... Time stands still for no one, not even the Church of Jesus Christ. Ours is a ... 7/25/2016 Just Thinking... Answers to Prayers God answers the prayers of a sinful person. Even when we fail God, God is faithful to us. The sin of... 7/18/2016 Just Thinking.... about Family Just Thinking ... I want to thank each of you for the prayers offered up on my behalf when I shared... 7/11/2016 Just Thinking .... Starting Another Year Together Just Thinking  ... On June 16th, I began my sixth year as your Superintendent. I remember the joy ... 6/20/2016
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