Conference Staff

Beth Barnwell

Administrative Assistant to Office of Congregational Development

(678) 533-1386

Val Bligh

Pension Specialist

(678) 533-1391

Ansley Brackin

Communications Specialist

(678) 533-1376

Jane Newman Brooks

Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to the Bishop


Judy Bush

Administrative Assistant, Office of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1446

Bruce Cooper


(678) 533-1394

Keith Cox

Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services

(678) 533-1393

Sybil Davidson

Conference Communicator

(678) 533-1377

C. Russell Davis

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Camp and Retreat Ministries

(706) 864-6181

Debby Fox

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1444

Peggy Freniere

Senior Accounting Specialist

(678) 533-1395

Karen Fullerton

Benefits Officer

(678) 533-1382

Sam Halverson

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Youth & Young Adult Ministries

(678) 533-1445

Barbara Harris


(678) 533-1399

Keeancha Hawkins

Information Technology Support and Web Specialist

(678) 533-1365

Valerie Henry

Insurance Specialist

(678) 533-1383

Hyo Shik Kim

Associate Director of Congregational Development for Korean Ministry

(678) 533-1448

Michele Lancaster

Administrative Assistant to Director of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1442

Tonya Lawrence

Associate Director for Vocational Discernment, Office of Ministerial Services


Michelle Levan

Senior Program Coordinator


Michael Murphy-McCarthy

Director of Information Technology


Scott Parrish

Mission Specialist


Elizabeth Pollard

Next Faithful Steps Program Coordinator

(678) 533-1378

Juan Quintanilla

Associate Director of Congregational Development for Hispanic Ministry


Phil Schroeder

Director of Congregational Development


Jackie Searl


(678) 533-1399

Christine Selleck

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

(678) 533-1360

Micheal Selleck

Director of Connectional Ministries and Conference Information Officer


Jasmine Smothers

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Ministry Teams


Bishop Mike Watson

Resident Bishop

(678) 533-1360