Conference Staff

Beth Barnwell

Administrative Assistant to Office of Congregational Development

(678) 533-1386

Val Bligh

Pension Specialist

(678) 533-1391

Ansley Brackin

Communications Specialist

(678) 533-1376

Jane Newman Brooks

Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to the Bishop


Judy Bush

Administrative Assistant, Office of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1446

Bruce Cooper


(678) 533-1394

Keith Cox

Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services

(678) 533-1393

Sybil Davidson

Conference Communicator

(678) 533-1377

C. Russell Davis

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Camp and Retreat Ministries

(706) 864-6181

Debby Fox

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1444

Peggy Freniere

Senior Accounting Specialist

(678) 533-1395

Karen Fullerton

Benefits Officer

(678) 533-1382

Sam Halverson

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Youth & Young Adult Ministries

(678) 533-1445

Barbara Harris


(678) 533-1399

Keeancha Hawkins

Information Technology Support and Web Specialist

(678) 533-1365

Valerie Henry

Insurance Specialist

(678) 533-1383

Hyo Shik Kim

Associate Director of Congregational Development for Korean Ministry

(678) 533-1448

Michele Lancaster

Administrative Assistant to Director of Connectional Ministries

(678) 533-1442

Tonya Lawrence

Coordinator Vocational Discernment, Office of Ministerial Services


Michelle Levan

Senior Program Coordinator


Michael Murphy-McCarthy

Director of Information Technology


Scott Parrish

Mission Specialist


Elizabeth Pollard

Next Faithful Steps Program Coordinator

Juan Quintanilla

Associate Director of Congregational Development for Hispanic Ministry


Phil Schroeder

Director of Congregational Development


Jackie Searl


(678) 533-1399

Christine Selleck

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

(678) 533-1360

Micheal Selleck

Director of Connectional Ministries and Conference Information Officer


Jasmine Smothers

Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Ministry Teams


Bishop Mike Watson

Resident Bishop

(678) 533-1360