Web-Site Development

Many churches would like to create a web site, but lack individuals with the time and/or talent to be able to create an effective web site.  This is where template providers can come to the rescue.

A template provider will provide all of the nitty-gritty technical details for you.  All you have to do is manage your site's content via a password-protected web interface.  So you can update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection (your living room, the public library, Starbucks, etc.).  If you can type, you can create a good-looking, effective web site for your church.  You don't need to know the first thing about web programming, HTML, or anything else!

Most template providers will layer their services so that you can start out simple and add features as you go.  What you pay depends upon what services you need.  Most plans start out between $10-$15 per month for basic web sites (usually one email address and between 10-25 pages of content).  Most basic plans will be sufficient for small churches.  This price includes all of your hosting fees - the only other cost you might incur is a domain name registration fee, which is usually nominal.  And since you can update the site from anywhere with an Internet connection, you don't necessarily need to acquire Internet access for your church building (which is a hang-up for many small rural churches).

References to web sites and products on this site ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS. They are provided as information to help you determine what is best for your church.

For Local Church Web Needs

United Methodist Communications provides 3 service levels for church web sites. Check them out at http://www.umcchurches.org

OurChurch.Com Is your website outdated, frustrating to use, or ineffective? Do you want to better reach those looking for a church in your area? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, OurChurch.Com can help you. OurChurch.Com is a website design provider for United Methodist churches. But our services don’t end with website design or creation. We also specialize in getting your website top 10 search engine rankings so those looking for a church in your community are able to easily find you.

The partnership between OurChurch.Com and the UMC means that as a UMC church or ministry you are entitled to exclusive discounts, services, and design options. Please visit http://umc.ourchurch.com to learn how OurChurch.Com can help you take your website presence to the next level!

Are you interested in starting or improving a website for your local church or ministry? With E-zekiel, you don't have to worry about learning a web language or programming a website! If you can get on the internet and create a Word document, you can have a website up through E-Zekiel in no time!

To learn more, check out the UMC E-Zekiel website at http://umc.e-zekiel.com.  Here you can check out how other ministries within the UMC are using E-Zekiel with great success.  By signing up with E-Zekiel through http://umc.e-zekiel.com, UMC entities are also able to get a discount.

Big Heart Creative recognizes that the needs of churches are very different than that of secular organizations. We understand that churches have the desire to create relevant websites and online applications, but are limited by tight budgets and overworked staff. Big Heart Design and United Methodist Communications have partnered to offer an extensive menu of services at reduced prices to congregations of The United Methodist Church.

The luxury of being a boutique design agency means that Big Heart Design can create a menu of service offerings specific to your set of needs, such as: website assessment, project coaching and visual design. We don’t build cookie cutter websites or Web applications. Big Heart Design prides itself on creating solutions that meet the needs of your church staff and congregation. Learn how Big Heart Design can assist your church.