Wk. 19


Oct 24 - 30  


Crawford Circuit

Center UMC/Cherokee Corner UMC/Crawford UMC
Rev. Tom Davis, Jr. 

Hoosier Memorial UMC

Rev. Gary Dean

Glen Haven UMC

Rev. Kenneth Rutledge



Due West UMC

Rev. Tom Davis  
Rev. Travis Sneed,  Assoc


Leland UMC

Rev. GiGi Warren
Hi Leah thanks. Please pray for my sister who will have surgery Wednesday & my mom who will have surgery Thursday  Both this week. 

Kingswood UMC

Rev. Charles Broome

Marvin UMC

Rev. Elizabeth Ackerman
Marvin needs continued prayer for our leaders to step up and encourage their team. I need prayer for making our vision plain and training our leaders. God continue to provide for our financial needs in new and unexpected ways.

Rev. Mary Edith Kirkland, Assoc.

  • That our pastor, Rev. Ackerman, would serve in the health, zeal, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit as she lives her call and follows Christ's leading of Marvin UMC.
  • Revival and commitment of mutual support within Marvin Youth Group. 
  • Thanksgiving and Prayer coverage for health of our Elementary Sunday school teacher with a tendon injury that has made ministry difficult for two months.  And for her husband who is awaiting a heart transplant as he begins as our lay leader in 2016.
  • Pray for provision of a nursery worker for Marvin Nursery, and  teacher's assistants for all levels of Sunday school. Juggling our few volunteers as they are able to serve wears us out.
  • Pray for Marvin hearts to turn outward in seeking and welcoming new attenders and the gifts and graces they bring to our body.
  • Pray For "R", an ECA student who has requested prayer and for "F" a teacher at ECA who has requested prayer.
  • Pray for "P",  a student having difficulty following a medical procedure.
  • Pray that "D" would find God's direction and employment into adulthood, protection , and that "justice and mercy" would follow him all the days of his life.
  • Pray for youth and supervising officers at  "Youth Challenge Academy" at Fort Gordon to experience revival and support each other with high ideals and truthfulness that ends violence and bullying.
  • Pray for increased enrollment at Evans Christian Academy,  revival in the school, and effective ministry and blessings for our new chapel leader.
  • Pray that Marvin would reach 40 persons for Christ in the next 6 months at Marvin UMC, and 40 more the 6 months after that. We are aware that our church can operate so much more viably if our numbers were at 200, and lack about 80 of being there.
  • Pray that God would plant the empty  rooms at Marvin with His purposes.
  • Pray for Forest and Quin who are student musicians, growing to lead God's people in worship. 
    Peace and Joy, Rev. Mary Edith Kirkland


Mesena UMC
Rev. Rick Herring

Hopewell UMC

TBS pastor 
Please ask the force to Pray for the People of Hopewell UMC that God's spirit might move and restore life and peace unto them!   

Hoschton UMC
Rev. Marvin Mason

Forsyth Parish
Hopewell UMC/Kynette UMC/Rocky Mount UMC

Rev. Jamaar Pye

Inman UMC

Rev. Jim Hanna


Harmony UMC, Franklin
Rev. Lynn Peters

Emerson UMC

Rev.Ken Cross

Epworth UMC
Rev. Byron Ahrens


Mizpah Circuit

Barnsley UMC/Mizpah UMC
Rev. Gary Lawrence
Please pray for my churches, Mizpah UMC and Barnsley UMC, which both face the struggles of all small congregations.  

Also, my mother is dealing with some very serious kidney issues, she is 80.

My children, Nathan, Ben, Hannah and Mallory, who are grown and living in Athens, who are either attending to UGA or graduated and working.

And finally please pray for me as I am learning to be a minister along with dealing with an "empty nest".  I was a grateful father of children at home for a very long time and I am adjusting but missing being close to me children.

Leah, thank you very much for your ministry.  I was so pleasantly surprised my your email.  Please tell the entire PrayerForce how grateful I am for their love.

Gary Lawrence

Moore's Chapel UMC
Rev.  Doug Childers