Wk. 02

June 27  - July 3 



Ariel Bowen UMC
Rev. Arundel Hope



Allgood UMC
Rev. Theophilus Stanford



Ararat UMC
Rev. Paul Gardner

Asbury UMC
Rev. Alan Smith 

Barton Chapel UMC
Rev. Robert Reese



Austell First UMC
Rev. Michael Martin
My oldest son Wesley needs a job prospect to open up as well as my younger son Ryan is looking for a new job because his contracting job is coming to a close. Pray for them. Thanks   

Pray for Austell First UMC that we will be faithful in God’s call to serve our community.



Bethesda UMC
Rev. Dana Overton-Garrett
Thank you. I am in a new appointment and need prayer as I assume pastoral leadership of this congregation: wisdom, strength, patience and grace.  Dana


Atlanta Bethany UMC
Rev. Jun Namkoong



Antioch UMC, Nicholson
Rev. Marshall Bruner




Antioch UMC, Gainesville
Rev. Michelle Rawdin
Thank you for this. Please pray for wisdom in leadership at Antioch UMC, blessings on wedding preparations (for March 18), and healing of relationships in a friends family. 

Antioch, Clayton and New Hope, Dillard
Rev. Lee Krivsky


Antioch - Zion Chapel Charge
Antioch UMC & Zion Chapel UMC

Rev. Cleveland McSwain


Arbor UMC
Rev. MIchael Jackson

Asbury UMC
Rev. Harvey Bane


Alexander Chapel UMC
Rev. Rod Weaver



Bethel UMC
Rev. Bevely Casstevens
Thank you so much for this ministry of prayer, Leah.  it is timely that you will be praying specifically for us at this time.Bethel UMC is 178 years old, and at the turning of the tide ... with many deaths in recent years without many children/young families.  
In the past year, we have much reason to hope: 

  • younger families and children are beginning to attend worship
  • we have a Jr. Church where kids receive age appropriate teaching after being in "big" church during first half, but always come back for communion and baptisms
  • held very successful VBS (60 children served by 41 volunteers, compared to 38 children and 28 volunteers last year), and are following up with each of the families several times
  • we continue with mission/outreach (300-350 sandwiches per week for summer child feeding program, firm commitment to 4 special Sundayofferings, Bishop's appeal, continued Xmas Eve offering for others ($4-6K annually, and a living nativity that attracted 350-400 people last year).  

We have had a rough time over the past year, with some strong resistance to becoming the body of Christ that shares ministry and fellowship rather than owns/controls a ministry. You have probably seen this before: as the Spirit moves and the church responds with success, resistance of arises and evil rears its ugly head. This was resolved by the departure of several members, and after much pain from frequent personal attacks.  Already struggling financially (I will be on equitable compensation this year.), this additional loss of revenue is actually more than offset by many other positive results for members of the body -  especially for offering the hospitality required for disciple making and the solidarity and support that developed in the struggle - but, the finances are a real struggle especially over the summer.    
We will take our first stewardship journey toward pledging in many years, taking the first step on that journey last year by simply emphasizing the importance/blessings of giving for us as grateful people. David Naglee has been walking with us in this renewal, and will be giving the sermon and challenge on September 11 ... yes, quite a date to be asking folks to consider their priorities.

My prayers are that we will be able to establish a small group ministry so that more of our folks have the opportunity for study, fellowship, and to be transformed - to grow in discipleship. 

I pray that we will find impactful ways to serve children in our community, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in ways we may or may not have considered for outreach and mission.  

I believe that our financial worries will resolve if we focus on the Jesus' own commandments about love and growth in our relationship with God and others.

I apologize for all the verbiage, but this opportunity to have others pray for us is too wonderful not to take advantage of sharing our needs with you and your team.


God bless you in this work.



Bethlehem UMC
Rev. Britt Madden