2018-2020 ACE2 Learning Groups


Border Walls and Bridges:
How do we prepare the table to be a place of welcome for everyone in order to have crucial conversations?

Ash McEuen
Joel Rodriguez
Juan Quintanilla
Steve Alred
Martha Dye

Care Bears:
How does caring for self, others and the world lead to transformation?

Brent Huckaby
Meg Morrison
Jennifer Hansen
Lindsay Geist
Andy Woodworth
Brian Funderburke

Conversations Along the Journey:
How do we have civil conversations in a divided world?

Beth Shugart
Matt Murphy
Lori Osborn
Zack Martin
Byron Thomas
Max Vincent


Intellectually Curious, Socially Conscious & Holy:
How do we embrace diversity and welcome the other into our midst?

Tonya Lawrence
Brian Tillman
Dana Everhart
Nora Colmenares
Rodrigo Cruz
Vance Ross
Joseph McBrayer

Intentional Pilgrims:
How do we repurpose the ancient practice of spiritual disciplines in order to recognize the value in what is old and seasoned in our spiritual lives while enduring practices with new approaches?

Kathie Statsko
Deborah Holloway
Liza Marler
Mark LaRocca Pitts
Cindy Conner
Dan Dixon


Job's Friends:
How do we share with other clergy the value of covenantal peer groups over the course of ministry?

Robert Brown
Terry Walton
Rob Lanford Jr.
Jody Alderman
Chuck Hodges
Bob Winstead


Parts Unknown:
How do we make the unknown known to our churches as we seek to discover and participate in what the church may look like in the next 25 years?

Julie Schendel
Tara Paul
Shannon Karafanda
Heather Jallad
Matt Nelson
Owen Skinner
Eric Mays
Ted Rollins


Prayer and Place:
How does one become a person of prayer, instead of a person who prays?

Jordan Thrasher
Thomas Martin
Allen Johnson
Josh Amerson
Katy Hinman
Emily Bagwell
Blair Setnor


Purer Space:
How do we create purer spaces in our lives together through authentic and trusting relationships?

Dane Wagner
Mac Enfinger
Michele May
Debbie Carlton
Eddie Bradford


Rest and Renewal:
How can I pour myself out, knowing I will be refilled?

Leonard Akers
James Gwin
Travia Speer
Shelia Preacher
Chris Mullis


Serenity Sisters:
How do we as female pastors integrate mind, body, spirit, and environment for the purpose of personal renewal and deepen our relationship with God and others?

Elaine Crawford
Joyce Banks
Heather Flaherty
Elizabeth Ackerman
Nancy Long
Candy Thacker


Shema: Listen & Obey:
How do we listen to self, God and others?

Dana Ezell
Leslie Watkins
Melissa Sexton
Cassie Rapko
Allyson Lawrence
Kimberly Evans
Katie Mattox


Walking Women of the World:
How do we strengthen our mind, body and spirit, recognizing the spirituality of our physical selves and walking into the authentic individuals God created us to be?

Millie Kim
Pam McCurdy
Anika Jones
Nancy Johnson
Cyndi McDonald
Karen Lyons
Terri Lemons