2019 Lay Candidates for General Conference Delegation


Members of the 2019 North Georgia Annual Conference will elect delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences during the Annual Conference Session, June 11-14, at the Classic Center in Athens. 

Lay Candidate Handbook

The Lay Candidate Handbook is being revised to include candidate numbers and will be available for download in the coming days. A print copy of this document will be included in the Annual Conference Handbook distributed at District Pre-Conference Briefings.

Lay Candidates

Lay candidates for North Georgia's 2020 Delegation are:

Nathaniel Abrams
Kathryn Banks
Lily Berrios
Richard Bloodworth
Randy Brown
Katie Bruner
Jenn Byrd
Ray Cann
Debora Constable
Elizabeth Corrie
Keith Cox
Anthony Crowe
Katherine Cullom
Richard Cullom
Dyanne Cunningham
Anna Diaz-Caballero
Cheryl Dunbar
Maxine Easom
Katie Jane Farmer
Jane Finley
Ben Fletcher
Gary Fuller
Jeffery Fuller
Rachel Fullerton
Kathryn Garvin
Robert Gilleo
David Gray
Cale Hall
Cindy Hall
Gwen Hamill
Marcy Heinz
Jeremy Hewitt
Atticus Hicks
Lee Highsmith
Odell Horne, Jr. 
Jay Horton
Hank Huckaby
Jeff Jernigan
Leon Jourolmon
Joe Kilpatrick
Amy King
Tina A. Kirkland
Liza Kittle
Terry Lloyd
Sarah Lyons
Bill Martin
Ariel Murphy
Tonya Murphy
Kristi Painter
Dan Parr
Lynn Peek
Chris Rapko
Chuck Savage III
Elijah Shoaf
Janet Sligar
Debby Stikes
Joel Taylor
Judy Teasley
Yvette Thibodeaux
Alexander Thomson
Sarah Porterfield Tippens
Ann Warren
Amy Whittall
Rick Yates