40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Consecration for Renewal

October 1-November 9, 2023

Humble Ourselves and Pray
2 Chronicles 7:14

All North Georgia United Methodists are invited to take part in 40 days of prayer and fasting from October 1 to November 9 in a spirit of Consecration for Renewal.

Video invitations from North Georgia United Methodists

From Rev. Jin Hopson | From Rev. Robert King | From Janet Thorpe | From Rev. Eduardo Stevens | From Johnnie Follins

Fasting Schedule

While one district's focus is fasting, the other seven will focus on prayer. 

  • October 1-5, 2023  |  Central East District
  • October 6-10  |  Central West District
  • October 11-15  |  Central North District
  • October 16-20  |  Central South District
  • October 21-25  |  South East District
  • October 26-30 |  North East District
  • October 31-November 4  |  South West District
  • November 5-9  |  North West District

No one person or one church must fast all five days. District Lay Leaders will coordinate to be sure each day is covered so that individuals may fast one or more days as they're led by the Holy Spirit. (As always, wisdom should be exercised and doctor’s advice followed for persons with medical conditions.) 

24-Hour Prayer Vigil

November 9, 2023

All North Georgia United Methodists in all districts and all churches are invited to pray for repentance, forgiveness, and healing on this day.