The Art of Spiritual Formation


Rev. Dr. Ellen Shepard along with other specialists in areas of Spiritual Disciplines, compiled resources and presented four teaching times at the 2018 North Georgia Annual Conference session. You're invited to watch those sessions and use the booklet below for your personal spiritual formation or to use with your church or small group. 

The Art of Spiritual Formation (PDF) 
Written by Ellen Shepard with commentary by Mollie Lemon, Tavares Sephens, Anjie Woodworth and Andy Woodworth and others.


Session One
Know Your Spiritual Type/Conversations with Country Dark
Ellen Shepard and Greg Ellison


Session Two
My Life With Others: Neighboring, Care of the Earth, Hospitality
Anjie and Andy Woodworth


Session Three
Opening Myself to God: Examen, Fasting, Fixed Hour of Prayer
Lahronda Little and Julie Boone


Session Four
Formed by God's Word: Lectio Divina, Visio Divina
Millie Kim and Tavares Stephens
Closing Celebration of Disciplines: Spoken Word Poetry by Tavares Stephens