First Time Pension Enrollment Instructions


Before doing anything, read the entire form. 


Part 1

  • Enter personal information


Part 2

  • You can learn about the three options (before-tax, ROTH, and after-tax) by viewing this video from Wespath.  This is an hour-long video, but it will tell you all that you need to know about UMPIP to make the best first selection.
  • Once you have made your decision as to which option(s) you prefer, enter your percentage or dollar amount contributions in this section.
  • If you elect before-tax, you must make an election in the Automatic Contribution Escalation section to have your contribution increased one percentage point each year or you can elect to not have this automatic escalation.  If you do not check either box, it will default to the amount being automatically increased each year. For more information, you can watch the video created by Amy King, Conference Benefits Officer, found here
  • You can change your UMPIP election at any time using the UMPIP Election Form. Also, once enrolled, you may consult with EY Financial Planning Services. They are able to help you make decisions in regards to your UMPIP Contributions. 


Part 3

  • Note: Even if you do not contribute to UMPIP, you must still fill out this section because this also applies to your Clergy Retirement Security Program Defined Contribution (CRSPDC) benefits. 
  • In this section, you will elect for Wespath to manage your investments through LifeStage Investment Management or to make your own investment elections.
  • You can learn about LifeStage Investment Management by viewing this video from Wespath (also linked above).
  • If you choose to manage your elections yourself, you will select the investments in Part 3c


Part 4



The remainder of the form is filled out by the Conference Benefits Office.