Fresh Expressions

A fresh expression is a new form of church for those not connected to any church. They take shape outside of the walls of the church in places where our neighbors are already gathering. Fresh expressions in the North Georgia Conference are making new disciples and are passing on the traditions of our Wesleyan faith in new and creative ways. Fresh expressions are anchored to existing churches, connecting churches with people who would never enter the church building on a Sunday morning. They do not exist to get people to come to our church, but rather to form new faith communities in places where people are already gathering.





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Changing Church for a Changing World (Atlanta Vision Day)

Date and time: Sat, April 15, 2023, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location: Global Ministries - The United Methodist Church 458 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE Building A Atlanta, GA 30308

In the midst of a rapidly changing ministry landscape, Fresh Expressions US invites you to join us for a day of envisioning the unique ways the Holy Spirit might be inviting you to step deeper into mission. During this training you will:

Catalyze a vision for a church that sends out the everyday people of God to be on mission in their networks and neighborhoods

Brainstorm ways to connect with people your church may not be currently engaging

Discover how fresh expressions of church can emerge alongside your traditional church

Explore creative ways of being the church in the world today


Rural Revival
A Two-Day Digital Event Exploring New Possibilities for Small-Town Churches

April 21-22

We recognize that small-town churches can’t escape the genuine and painful problems that face rural North America. At the same time, many Jesus’ followers across rural regions are uncovering exciting possibilities as they explore creative and practical approaches to loving their neighbors. Fresh Expressions is putting on a unique training experience tailored to the needs of rural church leaders this coming April 21 & 22. Rural Revival Summit is a two-day digital event that will introduce you to other ministry leaders serving in small-town and rural contexts to provide examples and inspiration for being the Church and addressing the needs within your community. This is a unique opportunity for Rural Church Leaders to explore new ways of being church, for and with people who have no church.

Our conference has been given a code NGAUMC25  to get discounted tickets. Sign up for this unique event today at!

Fresh Expressions UM Theological Conversations

Listen in on a theological symposium involving some of the most notable Wesley scholars in the world, a series of conversations between two theologians on the first Thursday of every month from 6:30-7:30 PM.


Becoming Church Discussion Group

A reading and discussion group for those curious about Fresh Expressions, those leading Fresh Expressions and those wanting to start Fresh Expressions. We will meet via zoom on Wednesdays at 7pm from January 4-March 1 . You will be emailed a zoom link the day before we meet. The same link will be used each time. We look forward to the conversation!


Local Church Workshop

Ready to start a Fresh Expression and need help determining your next steps? Schedule a Local Church Workshop! 

Local Church Workshops typically include: 

Why the Church Needs Fresh Expressions

Discover the current state of the North American Church and a new way to reach our communities.

How to Start a Fresh Expression of Church

Learn five steps that any church community can take to experiment with new forms of Church.

Three Roles in a Mixed Economy Church

Help your church members find their place in the Fresh Expressions approach to mission.

Contact Rev. Heather Jallad to schedule your workshop. 


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