Simplified Accountable Structure (SAS)

Simplified, Accountable structure (previously referred to as the single board model or one board model) moves churches from four administrative committees (trustees, finance, staff-parish relations, and church council) to one Leadership Board encapsulating all responsibilities and authority of the previous four separate administrative committees in compliance with the UMC Book of Discipline in Paragraph 247.2. 

Intro to SAS

Are you and your leadership considering the SAS model? Start here!

Equipping Resources

Are you a SAS congregation that needs to update your best practices or train and equip your current or future leaders?


  • Mission Possible 3 by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford. Order now by emailing with "Mission Possible" as the subject line.

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2022 Discernment Process

If your leadership is seriously considering the SAS model for seating leaders on January 1, 2023, the below Exploring SAS Checklist will need to be completed by March 31st. If you are unable to complete the checklist by the 31st, you will need to continue the Discernment process in 2023 with the earliest possible seating of new leaders in the SAS model in 2024. For more info go to


Exploring SAS Checklist

 Step 1: Order Mission Possible 3 for your Church Council from the Center for Congregational Excellence by contacting Rev. Blair Zant at (available for immediate pick up at the NGUMC Conference Center) or from Kay Kotant (to receive by mail). Books are $25 each.

 Step 2: The Church Council will read at least chapters D1-D4 (Mission Possible 3) and complete the questions on pages 22-25, the why on page 26, and the SWOT analysis on page 28.

 Step 3: Church Council votes on whether to proceed to request to explore SAS with the DS.

 Step 4: The Church Council completes the Consultation Form on page 33 and submits it along with the information in Step 2 to the District Superintendent and a letter signed by the Church Council Chair, Lay Leader, and Pastor requesting approval to explore SAS.

 Step 5: DS receives the request to explore and approves or denies the exploration and informs the church of the decision.

 Step 6: If exploration is approved, the church begins its Discerning Phase (see page 34) by requesting a SAS Certified Coach. (Request form coming soon).