A Word From Rev. Greg Porterfield

Summer Sale

Rev. Greg Porterfield, District Superintendent

While visiting family in San Diego this summer, I took a stroll down Mission Boulevard one Tuesday morning. It’s always fun to see the eclectic store fronts, and a walk does one good. A beach shop had a large sign out front, “End of Summer Sale,” it said. For those that know, I am thrifty (okay, my family says cheap), genetically unable to pay full price for anything. I saw the sign and couldn’t resist. 
            Yet, it was surprising. For I had wandered by on June 22 and according to the solstice, it had only been summer for forty-eight hours. How can you have an end of summer sale when it just got started? Which got me thinking. True enough, according to the calendar it would be summer for the next three months; however for families, a fall term was only a few short weeks away. Both things were true even as they were different; it just depended on the perspective of the experience. 
            I sometimes wonder if our differences are really of experience rather than proposition. And what if in faith, knowing with certainty of God, we could share dissimilar thoughts and maybe actually learn from one another? And isn’t that what church is all about? I mean, if you already know everything, then there is no need to know anything or anyone else. I am not there yet and I haven’t met anyone else who is. Sharing things different isn’t always easy and frankly can make me feel uneasy.
Yet isn’t it the tension on the string that gives it sound? My problem with most church arguments is they don’t sound very Christian. And what good is it to be right if it comes out all wrong? What if we encountered one another not as adversary but necessary, for we are, if God’s kingdom is to reign on earth. 
            Anyway, I asked the clerk at the counter, is this really the sale price?  She said, “Nah, we just mark it up so we can mark it down and then get the right price.” “Huh,” I said, “Who would have thought of such a thing?”