About PrayerForce

Methodists United in Prayer

What would happen if the 320,000+ United Methodists in the 960+ churches in North Georgia fully claimed their heritage as a people of Prayer?

How would God honor our prayers if every member of every church made a commitment to pray for the churches of North Georgia and the unchurched in our communities on a regular basis?

How would God bless His church if there was a grassroot movement of laity and clergy, men and women, youth and senior citizens, black and white, different nationalities,  who suddenly began praying for one another every day. The answer to all of these questions is in God’s hands. Seeking to be a part of that answer and seeking after revival for our churches and all United Methodists in North Georgia is the purpose of the PrayerForce!

The PrayerForce prays for revival in our churches. We pray for the unchurched. We pray for specific churches and their ministries. We pray for our pastors. We pray every week for God’s guidance and blessing. We lead workshops on prayer and teach prayer to any group who desires to build a stronger prayer ministry.

How Do I Get Involved

Each week, a list of churches is sent to PrayerForce members via email.  All members are encouraged to pray for the churches listed from their district as well as other churches where God leads.  The list is posted via the "Weekly Prayer" link on the Home page on this website.  

In addition to praying for these specific churches and the unchurched in their  communities, PrayerForce members are asked to contact these churches to let them know of your prayers!  (This can be via e-mail or by card) Can you imagine the impact 50 to 100 or more cards could have on a church?  Knowing that people all over the conference are praying for you is an incredible blessing! 

PrayerForce members have the chance to lift up any new churches that are being started as well as coaching struggling churches who are threatened with closing.  Let’s bathe our churches in prayer and watch God work.

Local Church Opportunities

  • In addition to the opportunities for individuals to be involved in the PrayerForce, the 2nd part of this ministry involves the local church.
  • As you know each local church will be listed for one week every year. During that time members of the PrayerForce will be praying for your church.
  • Each local church is encouraged to take that week and make it a week of prayer for their congregation. 
  • Your church can use this week to focus on praying for your community, particularly those persons who are currently unchurched.
  • The PrayerForce web page will offer ideas, resources and success stories to encourage your church to take advantage of your week of prayer!

The PrayerForce is proud to be a ministry of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are affiliated Conference through the Witness team under Connectional Ministries.

Leah Cunningham, Pastor of Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church in Social Circle, GA is a bi-vocational Part time Local Pastor, is the Director of the PrayerForce. Leah is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the PrayerForce and is available to teach workshops on prayer and serve as a consultant to the churches of the North Georgia conference in the area of prayer ministry within the local church.

Contact Leah at
(770) 634-9459 or  e-mail at leah.cunningham@ngumc.net


E-mail us now:  leah.cunningham@ngumc.net  with your name, address, church and district to sign up as an individual or as a church.