AC2012 Handbook

2012 North Georgia Annual Conference Handbook
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Handbook Report Guidelines

All reports must be emailed to the Conference Secretary at by March 21, 2012. Prepare a one-page summary celebrating activities. Note connection with the Annual Conference theme, “Seeing the World Through the Waters of Baptism.”

  • Clearly identify any action(s) requested by the Annual Conference
  • Reports may be edited by the Handbook Committee for space as needed.
  • Do NOT include logos, photos, letterhead or signatures on report.
  • Use Word software.
  • Use 14-point type, Times New Roman font.
  • Single space format for your report.
  • Margins: top 1.25”; bottom 1”; left 1”; right 1.25”.
  • Include name, position, phone number and email of contact person for report

Guidelines Regarding Content:
To facilitate the development of a concise, complete, accurate, and professional publication and to be effective stewards of funds provided for printing, the Journal Handbook Committee has developed the following three guidelines:

Your report will be a part of the historical record of the North Georgia Conference

2. In preparing your report, ask these questions to determine what to include and what to exclude: What purpose does this report serve for my readers? Have I included ONLY the material essential to that purpose, or am I distracting readers with unessential information? Are the facts pertinent, reliable, accurate, complete, and current?

3. When writing your report, make your readers’ job as easy as possible. Make your report accurate and complete but as concise as feasible in consideration of your purpose and your readers’ time