AC2012 Parking and Transportation


1. Complimentary parking for delegates will be available in parking spaces at the Classic Center, Court House parking deck and the UGA parking deck.

2. Only delegates with state handicap parking permits will be allowed on the bridge leading to the Classic Center parking deck.

3. Parking permits must be displayed so they can be seen in all parking spaces for free parking. The UGA parking deck will accept either a parking permit or a nametag.

4. The upper deck at the Classic Center will be reserved on Wednesday,June 13 for retirees. The bridge entrance will be closed to throughtraffic until noon on Wednesday only.

5. Level one of the Classic Center parking deck will be used for nonconference parking all week during the conference.

6. The bridge to the parking deck will be closed each evening after conference is adjourned beginning Monday night through Thursday night during the conference.

7. Parking at the Classic Center is during the hours of the event. No overnight parking is allowed. Your vehicle may be towed if left overnight.

8. We will have spaces reserved for persons with handicaps during registration on the flat lot behind the 130 Foundry Street building.

9. The spaces in front of the theatre will be reserved for church vans and emergency vehicles.


1. Church vans will be used to transport delegates to and from the UGA parking deck and the Classic Center as needed from 9 a.m. until 6p.m. They will load and unload in front of the theatre and the lower level of the UGA parking deck on North Thomas Street.

2. Anyone in need of transportation during the conference may go by the information center or call 706-357-4513

3. Foundry Street will be closed all week and a police officer will be on duty all day starting Tuesday until the conference ends on Friday.