ACE^2 Match Up

Interested in joining an ACE^2 group?

Have a group that would like to invite an additional member or two?

To be listed on this page email Leigh Martin, ACE^2 coordinator at 


ACE^2 Match Up is designed to identify and connect clergy who are interested in participating in a two-year clergy learning group. 

Clergy must self-select ACE^2 groups.  Please use this information to follow up with your fellow clergy.  

ACE^2 Interested Participants Seeking a Group

  • Rick Long- Diversity and Cultural Understanding
  • Carol Cook
  • Anne Hansen
  • Linda Birchall
  • Rhoda Howell


ACE^2 Groups Recruiting for Members

  • Borders and Bridges- Looking for clergy who are interested in learning more about immigration and transitioning communities, as well as, the church's response to issues of cultural diversity and immigration.                Interested? Contact Ash McEuen at