ACE^2 Match Up

Interested in joining an ACE^2 group?

Would your group like to have an additional member or two?

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ACE^2 Match Up is designed to identify and connect clergy who are interested in participating in a two-year clergy learning group. 

Clergy must self-select ACE^2 groups.  Please use this information to follow up with your fellow clergy.  

ACE^2 Interested Participants Seeking a Group

  • Sharon Waters- Areas of interest: brainstorming about mental health and addiction. Possibly using enneagram work and creativity in drawing, journaling, collage, music to express God’s creative power to name the issues, explore the spiritual, medical, and communal resources for redemption and to and the journeys many of us have had with our selves, our families, our community.
  • Laura Patterson-  Looking for a group that wants to focus on the intersection of discipleship, justice, and community building. What can we learn about organizing and inspiring people to deeper faith from justice-focused movements? How can we imagine and form new communities that are centered on intentional discipleship with the work of justice being a natural expression of discipleship?
  • Teresa Lilja
  • Rick Long.


ACE^2 Groups Recruiting for Members

Biblical Archaeology- How do we come to understand the people, places, times and issues behind the Biblical texts?  Understanding context is essential.  This group will focus on archaeological and anthropological studies that relate to the life and times of scripture.  Topics and areas of interest will ultimately be determined by the group.  Possible trips to The Carlos Museum, the Biblical History Center, G. Herbert Livingston Archaeology & Israel studies, as well as, overseas trips would be part of the group's learning adventures.  If interested, contact Beverly Casstevens at 770-853-8213.

Music, Worship and God's Grace- Music has played a big part in worship.  Music has shared God's grace in ways that touch many lives.  Let's spend time with different church music styles and the messages shared.  To make it even better, we could possibly take a trip to Crimson Guitars in England for a two week guitar building course.  If interested, contact Greg Meadows.

Arts and Worship- How can we use the skills of the arts and entertainment industry to cultivate creative and engaging worship experiences that would challenge and inspire people to a deeper relationship with Christ?  We could focus on all areas of the senses: art, music, movies, theater, comedy, cooking, monasteries, dance, crafts, circus, etc.  We can travel to near and far destinations of the arts studying and practicing the craft of entertainment first hand.  If interested, contact Shelia Crowe. 

A Painted Prayer book: Art and Contemplative prayer
The goal of this group would be to create a painted prayer book.  The concept would be that we would meet 14 days in a remote location to spend the time in contemplation, prayer and some sort of visual art. The visual art could be sculptural, fabric art, watercolor, acrylic – you name it. It would be tied to a piece of scripture that we would exegete and then create a new prayer for.  Hopefully we can create something suitable for publication. We could do the Psalms or any other book of the Bible that we wish. I would imagine we could take one trip to Sapelo Island and stay at the RJR mansion and let the Geechee ladies cook for us while we go to the beach. Then the next year we can save our pennies and go to the isle of Iona and also visit the community at Northumbria. We could make it a time of rest, relaxation, art and fellowship. And look at expressing our spirituality using a sense other than hearing and speaking.  If interested, contact Theresa Coleman.