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As Conference leaders navigate planning for Annual Conference 2020 as responsibly as they can, they have determined that we cannot meet the needed safety measures that would be necessary to host an in-person Annual Conference Session in August. 
The Annual Conference Planning Committee met June 9 and approved plans for the North Georgia Conference to instead hold a virtual Annual Conference Session on August 29. The plan was also approved by the Conference Cabinet. 

More Information about Online Annual Conference


Note that an email address is needed in order to participate (vote) at the sessions. Clergy must use their conference email address.

Important dates for the virtual 2020 Annual Conference Sessions include:

August 7 – Laity must have personal email address on record in conference Data Services

August 10 and 25 – Annual Conference Registration

August 26 – Registered Members Receive Credentials for Annual Conference by Email

August 29 – Virtual Annual Conference Session


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