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If you've attended YMI before, you are invited to join other YMI alumni for the current one-day sessions for discussion, networking, and continuing education.  Bring it with you and come with questions...we are each other's best resources!  You will receive a reminder email the week of the event with further information. 

 For more information:
Matt Parker, 770.441.2181, mparker@simpsonwoodumc.org

The cost is $10 (to cover your food and resources). 

Here are topics covered this past year:

Counseling - Being involved with teenagers can become quite complex when issues of sexuality, eating disorders, suicide, abuse, etc. arise.  What to do, how to handle it, and when to refer!

Volunteers - We can't do it by ourselves!  What are the best practices of recruiting, sustaining, and empowering the adults who work with you in your youth ministry team.

Understanding our Church - What does it mean to be Wesleyan?  How do we relate Reason, Experience, Scripture, and Tradition in our ministries?

Technology - What are the tools that can make our job easier?  What are some of the best practices for the use of technology in our youth ministries and what's new.