AMRY Charge Conference Celebrations 2016



Click here for dates and locations of AMRY Cell Group Charge Conference Celebrations

Note: The Red Cell Group Charge Conference will begin at 6:00 PM (not at 3:30 PM) on Nov. 13th


Click here for the AMRY 2016 Charge Conference Paperwork Checklist  


To complete your reports, please use the bright green "Log In" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the header on this page to access the online reporting systems.  Clergy- please access your reports through your clergy username and password so that you have complete access to all reports.   All others should use their church's username and password.    

(If you need help logging into the online reporting system, please contact the district office

or use the green "help" button on the left side of the screen.)


All reports that are available online should be completed and submitted online.  A few forms are not available through the online system.  These forms are available using the links below.  Simply click the name of the report that you need to access a printable copy of that form.

AMRY Safe Sanctuary Policy Information Sheet

Checklist for Protection of Church Finances

Vital Congregation Goals for 2020 (to access online report form)

Lay Servant Minister's Report


AMRY Open House Dates for Charge Conference Paperwork Prep

The district will offer several Open Houses for Charge Conference Prep which are open to clergy, staff, and church volunteers who assist in the reports.   These are offered on a "Walk-ins Welcome” basis, but you are also encouraged to email or call ahead if able, so that we are better prepared to assist for you.

The Charge Conference  reports often have small changes over time, so a refresher can make your work much easier.   We are happy to help train church staff,  committee chairs, and/or volunteers in how to complete the forms. One on the most helpful items is to have several people trained in how to enter and to update contact information for the Church Leadership Report. 

 You are also welcome to bring your laptop to our Conference Room  and use our WIFI on these dates to complete your reports with help at hand to answer any questions.  We have copies of all completed forms submitted by your church over the last several years for you to use as reference.

Our goal is to make your work easier, faster, and  less stressful to complete.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for other ways that we can help.

Open Houses for Charge Conference Prep:

from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday, October 5th

Thursday, October 6th

Wednesday, November 2nd

Thursday, November 3rd

           (If these dates do not work for your schedule, please contact Teresa in the district office to schedule a time to work together.)