Annual Conference Tote Bags

New Tote Bag Content Guidelines

Guidelines approved at the 2010 Annual Conference limit contents of supplemental materials, i.e. “Tote Bags” to: addenda, amendments or correction to the contents of the pre-conference handbook or material requiring conference action. Utilize display tables for all other promotional, marketing, interpretive and/or education materials. Below is the full list of guidelines from page 31 of the 2010 North Georgia Conference Journal.

Guidelines for Distribution of Supplemental Materials
North Georgia Annual Conference

Additional materials may be included in Information Packets/Tote Bags for distribution at Registration according to North Georgia Conference Standing Rule C.5 with the guidelines listed below. Contents of this packet shall be limited to:

• Addenda, amendments, or correction to the contents of the preconference handbook or
• Materials requiring conference action

Promotional, marketing, interpretive, and educational materials for conference agencies and ministries of the annual conference are encouraged to utilize the display tables to promote the ministries, activities and agencies of and related to the North Georgia Conference.

Materials that are not in the pre-conference handbook, packet of supplemental materials or made available via the display tables are not to be distributed inside the meeting and/or worship areas.

According to Standing Rule C.5 Material for publication in the conference handbook shall be submitted annually to the conference secretary not less than ninety (90) days prior to the opening date of the annual conference. Other material may be distributed to the members of the conference, at the discretion of the conference secretary, in a packet of supplementary materials. All printed materials requiring action by the annual conference shall be available in large print.

1. Deadline to REQUEST distribution of supplemental materials shall be 30 days prior to the opening of annual conference. Do not assume your material will be included in the tote bag. Provide description of material, justification for insertion in the tote bags rather than distribution at display table, name and cell phone of contact. No items will be considered after the deadline.

2. Volunteers: Four (4) volunteers from each committee, group, etc. submitting material are required to help assemble the materials at the designated time and place. Your material will not be included in the tote bags without volunteers from your group.

Material Format: Quantity: 2800 copies; Size: 8.5 x 11 is preferred; Format: 14 point type; 3 hole punch