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Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Aiming toward September, we are working through stages one and two of selecting and inviting people to join us in a multiplying discipleship movement. Last week, we looked at how it is important for us to share our own faith journey with people who we invite into a discipling relationship. After we share our faith journey (past, present, and future), it is important for us to share Jesus' method of making disciples.  In other words, what defines Jesus' method of making disciples as opposed to what we normally call discipleship?

Jesus made disciples in five key ways:

#1 - Jesus taught truth.

#2 - Jesus fostered transparent relationships.

#3 - Jesus called for mutual accountability.

#4 - Jesus engaged the hearts of His disciples.

#5 - Jesus equipped His disciples to make disciples.

As we share what is unique to Jesus' method of making disciples, we articulate to persons we are inviting into a discipling relationship that we are aiming at implementing these same key components. People we are inviting need to see upfront that this is deeper, more transparent and accountable, and more relational than typical small groups or Bible studies. Early transparency in a discipling relationship will help build deeper relationships and avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings regarding what we aim to achieve.

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