Augusta District Calendar

Augusta District Calendar 2018 (updated 3-7-18)

First Tuesdays, youth ministers gatherings (contact

Second Thursdays, Retiree lunches (contact david jenkins)

Mar 9-11    “Collide” Youth Conference at Quest

Mar 10       9am – 4pm  Basic Lay Servant Training, Cokesbury UMC

Mar 13       dCOM – Annual Re-licensing of Local Pastors

Mar 17        9am – 4pm  Basic Lay Servant Training, Cokesbury UMC

Mar 17        9:30am - Dist. UMW Spiritual Day Apart, Shiloh UMC

Mar 19       6:15-8:15pm  - Children’s Ministry seminar/Wesley UMC

Apr 10        Clergy Day Apart, Impact UMC, time TBA

Apr 14        9am – 4pm  Adv. Lay Servant, “Preaching,” Harlem UMC

Apr 16        Dist UMW Day of Service, New Beth. Comm. Ctr., time TBA

Apr 17        Clergy Day Apart, Dunwoody First UMC, time TBA

Apr 19        9am-4pm Clergy Ethics – Covington First UMC

Apr 21        9am – 4pm  Adv. Lay Servant, “Preaching,” Harlem UMC

Apr 22-23  Dist. Retreat – Dr. Headley; details forthcoming

Apr 24       dCOM – interviews for candidates seeking commissioning

May 8         Dist. Leadership Team – Grovetown UMC

May           Pre-Conference Briefing – time and place TBA

May 17-26  License to preach school

May 28       Dist. Office closed, Memorial Day

Jun 12-14   Annual Conference

Jun 21        Move Day

Jun 24-29  7:30pm - White Oak Campmeeting

Jun 25        11am – Dist. UMW service and lunch at White Oak Campmtg

Jun 25        Clergy Welcome Picnic – tentative

July 4         Dist. Office closed, Independence Day

Aug 18        dCOM – Certification and Re-certification Interviews

Sep 3          Dist. Office closed. Labor Day

Nov. 10      9:30am – Dist. UMW annual meeting, Mesena UMW

Nov 13        Dist. Leadership Team, Quest