Bishop's Calendar

Below are some of the items on Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson's schedule. A number of meetings are of a private and confidential nature, and some days are blocked out for travel or preparation, so these do not appear on the schedule below. Among the bishop's priorities is visiting with and listening to clergy and laity, and spending time in every district of our Annual Conference. Visits to local churches and participation in events are generally scheduled through the District Superintendents nine months to one year in advance. Bishop Sue considers it a great privilege to worship and serve with the people of the North Georgia Conference.


March 18 – Joint session of the SEJ College of Bishops/Committee on Episcopacy

March 22 – Board of Trustees


April 4-6 – Appointive Cabinet Meetings

April 8 – Howard Thurman Conference

April 10 Palm Sunday – Worship at Ben Hill UMC 

April 12 – Nominations Executive Committee

April 19 – 21 – SEJ Training with Claire Bowen

April 25 – 29 – Council of Bishops


May 2 – Deacon’s Day Apart

May 4 – Emory Campus Life

May 9 – Extended Cabinet

May 10 – Appointive Cabinet

May 25 – Pre-Conference Workshop


June 1-4 – Annual Conference

June 12 – Preach at Acworth UMC

June 23 – Atlanta tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu