Just Thinking.... and thanking


Please accept my deepest appreciation and gratitude for all the expressions of sympathy and support for Sally, the children, and me in these most difficult days. The loss of Sally's mother, my children's grandmother, and the woman who treated me like a son for almost 30 years is heavy upon our hearts. Your emails, phone calls, cards, and prayers have been the strength that kept us moving forward. I cannot thank you enough.
I hope to get back to the office this week and attempt to catch up after 2 weeks of Appointment making and the time with our family.  Please be patient and continue the prayers as there is much on my desk and a lot left over from before the Appointment Sessions began. Did I mention I was in a DMin program and that they want my time too? Perhaps after May 1st, things will begin to be back to normal. Never doubt that I am praying daily for each of you and your families. You are truly extensions of my family, and it is my honor to serve you.

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