Just Thinking... about our PKs


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for 
"Preachers' Kids." They have both a very blessed life and very difficult life.  They have a wonderful set of parents who are sensitive and understanding to their needs. They are surrounded by others who keep them safe and secure from all the "stuff" that is out there. 
On the other hand there are expectations placed on our children that other children are never expected to live up to. People point out preachers' kids faults easier and faster then they do other children's mistakes. Friends at time pick on them because they are suppose to be "goodie two shoes" or think that PKs are boring and that all they do is pray all the time.
It is a blessed and a difficult life.
I am amazed by the stamina and the strength of our PKs in the Atlanta Emory District. You, as parents, are doing your best to raise them as "normal" kids and to give them room to live their lives. I seek to inform SPRC that our children are not under appointment and that they need the love and support of all the church just like any other child. I remind them that our children don't have the blessing of growing up in the congregation that promised to help raise them and to nurture them in the faith so this new congregation has the privilege ofpicking up that promise.
I pray for our children that God will keep them safe and secure from all harm and harassment. I pray the God will touch their hearts so that in years to come they may find their place in the midst of the community of faith. I pray this especially for those who leave the church in college because they have "had enough" and are weary of the expectations. I celebrate those who continue to find a place in the congregation and offer their life in service. 
I hope you will take a moment today and pray for all of our PKs. I hope that you will ask God to surround them with a love that can't be forgotten and to fill them with the Spirit that will never leave them or forsake them.
I hope as a family we will take a moment to say congratulations to those PKs who have reached a milestone and are graduating from High School or college in the next few weeks. We have only a partial list, but please let us know and we will add your PK and celebrate as well.
Lee Ethridge - University of Georgia
Katie Everhart - Greater Atlanta Christian School
Sarah Hearn - Young Harris College
Boone O'Neil - University of Georgia
Caleb Strawn - Brookwood High School
We are proud of these and pray that God will continue to bless them richly as God opens the door for new adventures in God's kingdom. Here is the future and the present of our Church.
Just thinking,

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