Just Thinking.... Camp Glisson


Camp Glisson begins this week with the first group of campers, and I have been chosen to be the Theologian In Residence! This is a great honor in itself, but to be chosen to do this for a second time is truly humbling. 
I'm thankful to Kim Bell and the others at Camp Glisson for having such faith in me and for allowing me to impact the lives of the children and youth, even as a Superintendent. I seek your prayers as I serve this week, talking about the "Ultimate Special Agent" (the Holy Spirit).
In our ordination vows we agree to teach the children and youth. We promise that we will seek to make a difference in their lives and will help them find Christ as Savior and Lord. This is more than a task; it is a privilege to help shape lives for God's Kingdom. You and I are helping to mold minds and hearts with the truth of the Gospel. 
I'm just thinking that, besides being a privilege, it is a scary expectation. I don't want to create in my image more Danas. (Heaven forbid! ... ok, you can stop saying "Amen.")  I don't want to give simply my thoughts alone or my less-than-spiritual understandings. I must pray and I must seek the presence of each child and each youth with holy fear. I must ask the Holy Spirit to bless each encounter and must seek to be myself, a sinner saved by grace. I must remember to offer that grace to each one of these "little ones" so that they may accept for themselves Jesus Christ as Savior and Friend. As pastors, our imprint will either help or hurt the Kingdom and these young lives. 
I pray for the words this week and every day. I pray that God will use me to reach ones who are feeling unwanted or unloved. I pray God will speak through me with a Word of hope and direction to those depressed and lost. I pray that God will know my excitement and my appreciation for such an honor as one without a local church in this season.
Please, my sisters and brothers, remember your vows and embrace your children and youth with love and with sound teaching. You and I have such a holy and awesome calling; let's enjoy this part of it with grateful hearts.
Cho Boi !!!

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