Just Thinking... Learning and Leading


I have been reminded that I am not as young as I used to be. Yes, a week at Camp Glisson hiking up and down the hills, walking in the creek, doing the challenge courses, and, of course, keeping up with elementary and middle schoolers is an affirmation that I'm getting some age on me.
As we grow older and our bodies grow less able to do all that we used to do, I hope and pray our hearts don't grow old or less able. We need to keep our hearts fresh and flexible and open to all the wonders of life that the Holy Spirit of God is seeking to pour into us. 
My mother used to say she wasn't getting older, she was getting better. I hope that as we get older, we do get better in our understanding of the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. I pray we get better at sharing the Gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ. I long to see us get better at getting along and allowing holy conferencing to occur. With the wisdom of our aging, I hope and pray we are certain we can't do this without God. 
As we gather in Athens soon, it is is my prayer that the wisdom in the room and the love in the hearts will outweight all the agendas and allow us to do Holy Work. 
We can learn so much from our children and youth, but they are looking at us to learn how to live and work together, especially as children of the Living God. They need to see us live our best for Christ, because they know that the scripture teaches us to be imitators of Jesus Christ. Yes, fair or not, they are watching our moves and our actions. I pray we will be found faithful in our living before them always.
Yes, I'm sore all over, but I'm energized because I have been in the presence of the Holy Spirit, some very holy students, and the very holy crew and counselors at Camp Glisson. May God keep the Spirit alive in me that I might keep that Spirit alive in them.
Much love and hope,

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