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I Was Thinking…

A weekend with a two-year-old is exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time.  Our daughter and son-in-law took a weekend get-a-way to celebrate their wedding anniversary and we had the sheer delight of hosting our two-year-old grandson, Brooks.  He is a bundle of energy and self-determination (better known as the ‘terrible two’s’).  Like any two-year-old, he is wired to push his limits…he is on an adventure to discover his boundaries (whew…I’m weary just thinking about all those boundary definitions of the weekend!) 

This past weekend Brooks reminded me what it means to be a ‘child’.  We’ve read books and built wonderful structures made out of ‘Legos’.  We’ve watched Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  We’ve learned how to roar like a lion by watching ‘Jungle Book’.  We’ve learned how to ‘keep swimming’ by watching ‘Finding Nemo’.  (Cartoons and Movies are a great way for grandparents to catch their breath.)  We’ve walked hand-in-hand to the mail box and back again.  We’ve played with ‘Play-Doh’ and observed a two-year-old imagination express things we’ve yet (as adults) to understand.  We’ve fallen and bumped our head…cried, got up, dusted ourselves off and moved onward.  We’ve learned the enticing value of ketchup to make all things delicious.  We’ve played in the bath tub and we’ve snuggled down for long nights of careless sleep.  It has been a gift to be reminded of what it means to be a ‘child’ again.

Jesus was quite clear when he said to his disciples “…whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:15 NRSV)  What did Jesus mean?  Perhaps he meant to say to a culture that perceived children as property that they were much more than property…they were precious images of the Spirit of God.  Perhaps he was saying that while maturity is important, one of the downsides of maturing is that we too easily forget the qualities of trust, joy and how to dust ourselves off when we fall and move onward.  Perhaps he was saying that in the honest, innocent face of a child we see a clear image of the smile of God.

I was reminded by Brooks that I am called to be ‘childlike’ in my faith adventure.  Too often I fall into the trap of being ‘childish’.  There is a BIG difference between the two. 

Yes my body is in a state of ‘good tired’ after a weekend workout with a two-year-old.  But my spirit is lifted with the joy of wonderful memories made filled with laughter and awe.   I am encouraged.  Lord, thanks for the reminder that the Kingdom of God ‘belongs’ to all who dare to live with childlike faith. (Mark 10:14 NRSV).

 Always Thinking…

P.S. Ketchup is quite good all by itself…try it sometime.


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