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I Was Thinking…

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  When was the most recent time in which we were ‘inspired’?

I find God’s spirit to be in the business of ‘inspiring’.  However, at least for me, there are occasions when God’s movement in and through another stuns me with inspiration.  This happened to me recently.

Tim called to say that he’d be out of the pulpit and unable to preach and pastor for a few weeks.  Then he told me why and I was ‘bowled over’ with inspiration.  Tim communicated to me that there was a 38 year old father, husband and church member of the church he was serving who had advanced kidney disease.  Ultimately the only chance this young father had of surviving the disease was a kidney transplant.  Tim had just discovered he was a perfect match to offer one of his kidneys to save this man’s life.  Tim told me that he was going to be a living organ donor for Bill.  I was stunned and inspired.

Tim gave me permission to request prayers for him and Bill for this Friday’s surgery.  But Tim probably would’ve preferred I not make such a big deal out of what seems to Tim as the natural and obvious thing to do.  I’m sorry about all of this Tim but you have inspired me and I suspect my sharing your act of caring and compassion will inspire others as well…so I feel compelled to share.

I’ve read and heard of this kind of generosity before but this is my first time to have known a Pastor to do this for a parishioner.  I’m inspired.  Would I be willing to do such a thing?  I’d like to think I would but I don’t know.  My father has lived with one kidney for decades.  My wife has lived with one kidney for three years.  They are fine…but their kidneys were removed to save their own lives.  Giving of a kidney for someone else?  That seems to me to be a different sort of generosity.

Jesus gave his entire life for us.  We say and hear that a lot in the church.  But this kidney thing has brought that closer home for me.  It has caught my attention in a different sort of way.  God sacrificed an only child so that the sins of people would not condemn.  What am I willing to sacrifice for one or many of God’s children?   A kind word?  A compassionate act?  Patience?  Loving in an unlovable moment?  Sharing my faith?  A Kidney?  Tim Emmett of Waleska UMC, your brothers and sisters of the Atlanta-Marietta District are praying for you, Bill and your families this Friday.  You inspire us!

 Always Thinking…


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