Just Thinking... Rolling of a rock


Who would have thought the rolling of a rock would cause so much excitement? 

Who would have thought the rising of the sun would scatter the darkness forever and ever?

Who would have thought an empty hole in the ground would give hope to millions upon millions?

Who would have thought the bitter tears of one woman would become the joyful tears of women and men everywhere?

Who would have thought a simple statement like "He is not not here; he is risen" would cause the world to shake in their shoes some 2,000 plus years later? 

Who would have thought a people huddled in fear would become a people exploding in joy to every corner of the world with the message ... 


God thought it and, by God's great love, made it all happen in the Son, Jesus Christ. By the power and strength of the Holy Spirit we continue to proclaim the message of our faith ... the most important message that covers all others.  Yes, my friend, He Is Risen!!

Praise you for sharing that message again, even after 2,000 years. Thank you for never stopping the refrain!

Hallelujah ... Glory Hallelujah!


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