Just Thinking... 54 and counting!


54 and counting!

I celebrated 54 years of being alive and kicking on April 23. It was an interesting day to say the least.

The day began as the Cabinet was in the midst of a silent spiritual retreat at Winshap on the campus of Berry College. Even though we were on a silent retreat my cabinet family shared birthday wishes with me in many ways. Upon leaving the retreat I looked at my Facebook and saw tons of greetings from many friends, which kept coming all day long.

I arrived home to find one birthday card from my aunt and uncle. Katie and Sally were ready to take me to dinner and we had a great meal at P. H. Chang's. It was a quiet but amazing day.

54 means that many of the old ways have tapered off; the surprise parties, the many greeting cards, the gifts, and people singing to you. 54 means being more sedate and laid back. 54 means living in technological age where our greetings are sent via Facebook or email.

Yes aging and modern times goes hand in hand. I embrace technology and love the new toys we receive. Yet I miss getting mail in the box. Alas, it is what it is and I'm grateful for all of it but I still long ... even a bit ... for the old days.

I can sympathize with the clergy and laity who feel the good ole ways are slipping by and changes are a coming. The older I get the more I dislike change, well not dislike it but am weary of it. I hear myself saying, "It still works why mess with it?" 

I then hear the Spirit saying that our faith is not to be stagnant or unchanging but moving and growing. As our faith grows so will the church. As the church grows so will the ways we do ministry for a new age. 

At 54 I am finding that I'm praying more and more for direction and peace as well as the ability to flow with the changes of life. With that in process I am able to look forward to what God has in store as I move to 55.

Bring it on ... with God all things are possible.



I am grateful to Clark Atlanta University and their excellent musicians for sharing in worship at Druid Hills UMC yesterday. It really helped my sermon!

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