‘Soul Food’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

I am always amazed at how well they work together.  They are a team and everyone completely understands their role.  It is a mesmerizing experience to observe and I enjoy the fruit of their labor.  Who am I talking about?  I’m talking about one of my favorite places for breakfast.  Have you guessed the restaurant yet?  I’ll give you a hint; they specialize in waffles!  You guessed it—Waffle House.

Occasionally Sharon and I will treat ourselves to the ‘Waffle House’ experience.  She always orders the pecan waffle with coffee.  I most always order a bacon and egg sandwich with a side order of hash-brown potatoes, orange juice and coffee.  The food is good but I really enjoy watching the crew handle all the orders and serve them up to us customers without a hitch.  They remind me of worker bees tending to the bee hive.  They are amazing.

I was invited several years ago to spend a day with a member of the upper management team of Waffle House.  I was honored by his invitation.  I quizzed him on the philosophy of this fascinating franchise.  I discovered that all management must begin in a local Waffle House Restaurant.  I also discovered that on holidays members of the management team work in many of the restaurants so regular cooks and waitresses can be home with their families for the holiday.  My host for the day told me of many Christmas’ where he served up Christmas breakfast to Christmas guest at the local Waffle House.  I was impressed with the servant leadership philosophy of Waffle House.

For several years we found a favorite Waffle House and were inspired by the folks that worked there and the spirit with which they did their work.  Some were young and some seem to be well beyond their retirement years, yet they had wonderful team chemistry. 

I watch Waffle House employees and I think of church.  I think of the church being team and serving together.  I think of the ‘soul food’ that the church serves to each other and to guests every day.  I think of serving where there is a spirit of working together unlike many places in our world experience.  I think of a place where the rich and the not so rich come for a good meal of hope and love. 

Welcome to Waffle House!  Welcome to Church!

 Always Thinking…


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