‘Always On My Mind’

Terry Walton



I Was Thinking…

It is Sunday Evening as I write to you, the clergy and laity of the AMAR District.  This has been a very busy ‘World Communion Sunday’.  The sun is beginning to set, yet you are on my mind.  Outside my study window the sky is a beautiful combination of pink and blue.  I am aware of what will be a very busy week.  Yet I have you on my mind because you are always on my mind (I sound like Willie Nelson).  I am grateful for your dedication to the cause of Christ.  I am amazed at who you are.  You are the cream of the crop in God’s eyes (and in my eyes as well).  You are full of testimony of how faithful God has been in days, months and years gone by.  And you are full of potential that I believe would even surprise you.

I have you on my mind as I reflect and pray on this Sunday evening.  There are some of you who are really going through a ‘rough patch’ in life.  You are specifically on my mind.  I am also praying for you with regards to God’s future for you, the churches and communities of AMAR.  I have a sense that God has great things in store for the Methodists in this part of God’s world.  My prayer is that we will be open to hear God’s call of us and then be willing to respond affirmatively to that call. 

I have you on my mind as I dream a bit on this Sunday evening.  I dream of countless folks just like you coming to discover the hospitality of God through your welcome and embrace.  I dream of people whose lives are struggling and broken coming to wholeness through the ministries of God’s church among United Methodists.  I dream of children learning to laugh because you have allowed them priority in your midst.  I dream of enabling youth to make healthy life decisions because you have made sure there is always a place and priority for them.  I dream of the ‘down and out’ finding the hope of God through your caring hearts.  I dream of the ‘up and out’ finding the peace of God through your caring hearts.

The day is coming to a close on this Sunday evening and by the time you read this several days will have passed.  Even then you need to know that you are always on my mind (I wish I could sing like Willie).  I am proud to be your District Superintendent and I’m excited where God is leading us together.

 Always Thinking…


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