‘Safe Place’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

Everybody needs a place.  All of us need a safe place.  All people need space to process life and all life throws our way.  Everybody needs a place.

It is true that people are at different ‘places’ with regards to their belief concerning the LGBTQ+ persons.  Some have journeyed from one ‘place’ to another ‘place’ regarding their belief and opinions on this hot issue of our day.  It is an issue for our larger church and world which makes it an issue for our local church and world.  I suspect all of us, regardless of our present stance, have experienced the pain of disagreement and even bad behavior from both sides of this discussion.  There are even some who feel there should be no discussion…that everyone should keep their opinions to themselves.  I try to respect it all while maintaining my heartfelt belief in the sacredness of ALL people.

Regardless of our ‘place’ and needed ‘space’ in the LGBTQ+ journey, I’d like to invite us to think outside our ‘personal belief’ box.  There are parents and families that have precious children who have made the courageous journey to accept their LGBTQ+ identity.  What is our ministry to them?  I fear because of the passionate debate we have left these parents and families out in a ‘cold and harsh’ place.  They need our love and care too.  How is the church embracing them?  I feel we are embracing them poorly at best and not at all at worse. 

I have good news.  There are families at Kennesaw UMC who have LGBTQ+ children and they have found helpful support from each other.  They now feel called to offer such support to anyone, inside or outside, of any church.  They extend an invitation for a gathering of love and grace on Sunday, June 30 from 2 PM to 4 PM in the Kennesaw UMC Christian Growth Sunday School Classroom 140.  Any are invited to come and share in this supportive conversation of care and genuine concern.  If your family has no need of such a ‘place’ and ‘space’ but you know of a family that does, feel free to invite them to be present.  Final details will be available after a June 8th planning meeting on the Kennesaw UMC website…kennesawumc.org.

Sisters and brothers, we must get beyond our differences for the church of Jesus Christ to shine for the world.  This is one ‘place’ where this could happen.  This could be a ‘Fresh Expression’ that exemplifies Christ to those who find themselves in a ‘place’ and ‘space’ they never dreamed would be theirs.

Thanks for spreading the word.  Who knows what God might do in someone’s life just because we shared an invitation.  Thanks Atlanta-Marietta District for being the theologically diverse yet loving people that you are in Christ.  It is my joy to serve with you in the Kingdom work.

What if…?

Always Thinking,


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