Just Thinking... Camp Glisson and Vacation


Camp Glisson and Vacation, who could ask for two better weeks in which to renew and reconnect with God and self.

After a great Annual Conference where we lifted up "Children, Youth, Young Adults, Camps and Campuses," what could be better than to put all 5 together in one place and see the work of God? I was blessed to serve as TIR (Theologian In Residence) at Camp Glisson the last full week of June. I cannot tell you how uplifting it was for me to share with over 300 elementary school campers and middle school campers. It will go down as one of the markers of my ministry for me. I wish everyone could experience such a holy time.

It was Wednesday when Bishop Watson called me, shared some cabinet information, and then asked me how it was going at Camp Glisson. I told him, and I still mean this, that while Annual Conference was great and it was powerful to see the children, youth, and young adults in action helping with worship and decision-making, it was totally mind-blowing to see all 5 come together at Camp Glisson and be the Church today. 

Our children and youth were open and hungry to get to know the Real God in a Real way. The young adult counselors, many who attend our Wesley Foundations and Fellowships, gave their heart and soul to each camper as they listened and shared the love of Christ. Under the direction of Brad, Kim, and Russell, the camp came alive with the Holy Spirit. All these that we focused on at Annual Conference came to life right before my eyes and my heart.  This is our Church reaching  out to our children, youth, young adults, camps and campuses with all cylinders running. 

I am so proud we have Camp Glisson.

Vacation was not too bad either. I tried to renew my spirit by not looking at your emails and texts, but I was not always successful. I found moments to rest and catch up on my Netflix list of shows. Thank you for allowing me this time.

Renewal and reconnection are vital to our ministry. I sure hope you are planning for some this summer. You better hurry, because it is almost over already. God is calling you to come away.  Don't ignore God's call for renewal and reconnection; you might be surprised how God works in your life.



Sunday was a good day to return to the task of making disciples for the transformation of the world as I was blessed to worship at St. Mark and to work with the congregation at Zion Korean UMC on a new loan from the Foundation. Glad to be back!

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