Just Thinking... Walking


Walking. Yes, I'm doing a lot of walking these day. I enjoy walking for several reasons. First, I get to be among God's beautiful creation as I take a different route each time I walk. Second, walking affords me time to think through a great amount of data that runs through my head 24/7; I can kind of put it in an order (... sort of). Third, it is a whole lot better on my knees than running. Don't get me wrong; my walk is not a stroll in the park, but it is what we used to call a power walk. Sally doesn't walk with me, because I walk to fast, but hey that is my nature ... surprise, surprise. I am recording my walking on an App entitled Map My Walk and showing it on Facebook. I'm not posting it on Facebook to brag (by no means is it not anything worth bragging about), but for the ability for those who care about my health to hold me accountable. You see, if I don't post during the day I give permission for those who care to call me on the carpet, the sidewalk, the roadway and get me back to walking.

Accountability is a great thing. I believe we all need accountability partners or folks to help us stay on the path of Christ. This is done through love and support. It is done through laughter and challenge. It is done through thick and thin. To be an accountability partner is a big responsibility, and to receive accountability is a very rewarding if not difficult task as well. The two (or more) have to be in agreement that this is worth the cost and that no matter what they will hold each other not only responsible but also hold each other in prayer. 

I guess that is why we talk a lot about accountability but few follow through on it, especially on the spiritual side of life. I'm grateful for a group and for one who holds me accountable ... they don't care that I'm a DS and have all the power in the world (right, NOT). They care that I have a heart that needs to be drawn near to God daily. They care that my body is a temple to the Lord, and it needs its strength to carry on the Lord's work for which I have been called.  They care enough to point, poke, and push me to be the man I need to be for Christ and His Kingdom.

I pray you will allow others to come alongside and hold you accountable, accountable in love. It could make all the difference. I encourage you to run, not walk, to this great opportunity and trust your sisters and brothers to help bring out the best in you for Christ.

Just thinking as I walk on ...


Worship at Cannon UMC was a powerful and wonderful experience. Thank you to all the pastors and laity for a great opportunity of worship.

Thank you to Oak Grove UMC and Dale Smith for hosting and making possible through their hard work the SEJ Lay Servant Leadership Event this past weekend at Oak Grove. 150 plus people came and were trained to serve. Bishop Watson commissioned each to go out in the power of the Holy Spirit. It was awesome. We are honored that Janet Sligar asked our district to host this event. 

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