Just Thinking... about Appreciation



Every once in a while there needs to be a time and place to show appreciation to people. Too often we take the people who serve us or support us for granted. After all, they are paid to do that, and that should be appreciation enough, right? Wrong! 

There was a man in the scriptures named Barnabas. He was one who was known for his gift of encouragement, and I bet one who showed great appreciation. So showing appreciation is scriptural and a powerful action that is Christ- centered.

When was the last time you smiled at the checkout person at Publix or Kroger and said, "Thank you for your service?" Can you remember when you told your child's teachers how much you appreciated them for educating your child? Can you recall a time where you showed appreciation to your mail carrier? All of these and any who serve us deserve a word of encouragement and appreciation. The organist or pianist who practices unknown hours, the family who makes the coffee every Sunday, the custodian who never fails to have things cool or warm depending on the season, and so many other our church workers and staff need encouragement.

I want to implore you to take time this week and to show your appreciation and gratitude or to offer words of encouragement to your staff. They have your back, so please fill their hearts with some kind words.

I want you all to know that I'm blessed to work with a fantastic Administrative Assistant. She does her best to make me look good (no comments, please), and she works hard to make sure that all the preachers and churches have all the needed items for the administration of ministry. She is pleasant and always has a smile. Did you know she saved the District tons of money in our most recent renovations at the office? Yes, she took her personal time to paint our office. (She said it was fun for her. I HATE PAINTING!) She and Patty Green have worked together to give our offices a new and fresh look. Neither Teresa or Patty charged us for their service. Then to top it off Elaine Robbins, our District Director Lay Speaking Ministries, saw that fun (fun?) and joined in to help by spending hours painting as well. Today we have a beautiful space to work. 

Teresa serves all of us, so I hope you will show her some appreciation and encourage her in her ministry among us. If you have a moment, drop Patty Green and Elaine Robbins a thank you.

Appreciation, gratitude, and encouragement do so much for the soul. Please be a Barnabas to someone or several someones this week.
I think I have the best clergy in North Georgia, and I'm grateful for each one of you. I'm here, and I have your back!!

Thank you for all you do,

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