Just Thinking...


Sometimes the mind is simply a complete blank, and other times it is sharply focused on an idea or concept. Then there are times like this morning that the mind is full of empty stuff just swirling around and around.
It is on days like this that I am called to rely on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and to stay in constant prayer with the One who brings clarity and direction. 

There is so much I am learning already in my DMin experience, and I long to begin to put this learning into place. There are Charge Conference Celebrations beginning next week, and I'm hopeful they will be blessings and not curses for the body. There is the usual workload at the office and throughout the district, and I don't want to miss anything I'm suppose to do. There are the extra items that fill the calendar (by my own choice or the choice of others' expectations), and as a Type Two (Helper) I don't want to let anyone down. There is my family; Jacob's 23rd birthday this week, and I want to celebrate with him a life that is striving and well-focused. There is a doctor's appointment and the test that will follow as I begin to age faster and faster (oh, to be 23 again!).  And in midst of it all, there is a need to draw away and and to reconnect with the strength and love of Christ Jesus.

Of course, the best news from above is that no matter where I am at or no matter what I am doing, I am in the presence of the Christ Jesus. Yes, going to the Monastery or to another retreat center and silencing the many voices calling for my attention is a great and powerful thing. Still the truth of the matter is that we are never alone, never far from our Salvation. Jesus says, and I have committed it to memory, "Lo, I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth." I believe that in my heart, even when the mind is too full to think it.

I seek your prayers as I make this belief not just in my heart but in my head and to breathe and to remember that no matter what is going on around me to "be still and know..." that God is here.

I'm praying for you to know the same.  

Just thinking (trying to ...)


The people of Epworth at Candler Park are committed and gracious people. Worshiping with them is always a blessing. Revival at Ebenezer  this week so please pray God's will be done and that the Spirit will fall fresh upon all of us.

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