Just Thinking.... Election Time


While I am definitely not one who wraps the Church in the flag, I do believe it is my duty as a disciple to honor the life and land where God has placed me. One of the best ways I get to honor this life as an American is to vote.


This Tuesday is election day across the state of Georgia and the across the nation. I will fight my way in the traffic and stand in lines at the local church where our polling place is located in order to vote. It will also be difficult as my Tuesday is full to overflowing with appointments and places to be in attendance, but I will make it happen because it is my honor, my privilege, and my right as a citizen to vote. 


A great many people today don't care while other people complain that their vote means nothing. These and others will not vote; they will give away the honor, the privilege, and the right. They will give it away to a "whatever" society and then wonder why our state and our nation are in a shape of disorder. This is so sad because others, many whom we remembered on Sunday's All Saints Celebration, fought and many gave their lives to give us the honor, the privilege and the right. 


We are called to render to Caesar that which is Caesar's, and I believe that commands all disciples to give our vote in this society. We are to give it in order that we can say we did our best. As Christian disciples we are called to give our best and to set the example for others, and this is not just in voting but in praying for those who will be elected as our government leaders. If we stopped complaining and started praying for those in authority over us, can you imagine how this will effect our lives?


I hope that each of you will get out and vote your heart, your conscientious, and your mind. On Wednesday I hope you will pray for all elected and for the power of God's Holy Spirit to blow like a fresh wind upon each one. 


No, we don't wrap the Church in the American flag, but we are called to honor and to serve to our best ability where God has placed us. 


Praying for each of you,




I was honored to share in the baptism of Miss Ali McBrayer, daughter of Joseph and Frances McBrayer of the Emory Wesley Fellowship. Thank you to Alice Rogers and Glenn Memorial for the high honor to join the claiming of Ali for Jesus Christ. Thank yous to Susan Pinson and Christi Elliott-Earby for leading the Red Cell Group in a great Celebration at Druid Hills. It was a great Sunday.

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