The Gnawing Stress of Hunger in Georgia

Guest Blogger


By Rev. John R. Moeller, Jr.
Guest Blogger

As a parent, it hurts my heart to think that many of the 28 percent (more than 1 out of every 4!) of Georgia's children who are food insecure can't focus in school because they are worried about their next meal.  You and I both know that a child's brain needs a consistent, nutritious diet to fully develop. I’m distressed by the fact that far too many Georgians can't focus on finding or maintaining a good job because they’re worried about how they will secure their next meal. Now, that is some stress!  
While it doesn't always make the news, I take comfort in knowing that Action Ministries is committed to removing the barrier of food insecurity so folks CAN focus on improving their lives! In fact, by meeting basic needs of hunger relief, housing and education, Action Ministries removes barriers--and the associated stress--that prevent thousands of Georgians from breaking the cycle of poverty and realizing their full potential.
I’m grateful for the support that comes from every nook and cranny of Georgia for this cause. Last month, the Bank of North Georgia led the charge with the Food Box Challenge. This month, Publix Supermarkets are doing their part with Food for Sharing. And throughout the year, the compassionate folks of the North Georgia United Methodist Conference support our efforts to provide hunger relief for the most vulnerable among us. Every single dollar, hour of service and item donated is adding up and being poured out. Last year, 144,000 people were served. Yet, there are so many more we need to reach. As the weather turns chilly and we begin to ponder the blessings of the past year, I hope each of our NGUMC congregations will consider spearheading its own initiative to offer the gift of self-sufficiency to a neighbor in need.
Yes, there is a staggering number of our neighbors who face really stressful challenges today, but I’m encouraged that there are many more who, when they combine efforts, can ease the stress and make a difference this season and for many more to come!  
Want two simple ways to help today?

  • Text FOODBOX to 41444 to sponsor a food box for a needy family.
  • Promote Action Ministries Sunday, Dec. 7 (or anytime that works for your church), to your congregations. An online marketing tool kit is available at
Rev. John R. Moeller, Jr.
President & CEO
Action Ministries, Inc.

Action Ministries is a related agency of the North Georgia Conference and our local mission "Bridge" partner. The Conference-wide Action Ministries Offering is Dec 7 (or any time that works for your church). Find promotional material at To give, write a check made out to your church and marked "Action Ministries" and place it in the offering plate of any North Georgia United Methodist Church. Or text FOODBOX to 41444 to sponsor a food box for a needy family.

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