Just Thinking .... Starting Another Year Together


Just Thinking  ...

On June 16th, I began my sixth year as your Superintendent. I remember the joy and excitement I had as I started. I remember the holy moment of being installed as your Superintendent at Oak Grove UMC. I remember that first week, wondering, "What do I do now?" I remember the first email and the first phone call, and so it began. Now after 46 moves, 5 Set-Up meetings, 6 District Conferences, untold dCOM meetings, and the welcoming of Global Ministries and the United Methodist Center to our district, what more is there you might wonder?

The years seem to have flown, and here I am looking at the beginning of a new year and another season of serving you, your families, and your churches.  The best is yet to come is my belief. We have laid the groundwork for being a Fruitful Church, and we are continuing to find the way forward for God's work and God's Kingdom.

In this new year, I renew my promise to serve you with my whole heart. It is my joy to know your ministry well and to represent you to Bishop and the Cabinet. I cannot ignore the pastoral heart that is within me, so I ask that you allow me to be your pastor another year and to pray for you, to lead you in worship (as the opportunities come to us), and to celebrate with you the joy of ministry. Allow me to know your church and your laity. Invite me to the fun things, not only the business things. Allow me to offer the expertize of this office to make both you and your church vital.

If I have proven to you anything over the last 5 years, I hope it is that this is not your "grandmother's Superintendency"! I welcome your input, and I covet your prayers. Together is the only way we will become all God desires for us to be. We are a team, a family, and the Body of Christ,

Thank you for allowing me to serve.



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